My GrabTaxi Experience!

Nowadays, it is scary to commute… scarier to those who are not used to doing it. There are so many factors to consider. Not just the difficult part of hailing a cab but, the different kinds of modus operandi some dubious drivers and there cohorts orchestrate to rob a passenger or worse, rape an unsuspecting woman. I was not even taught to use the public transport when I was growing up. I was driven to and from school everyday. The only time I learned to commute was when I was in 1st year college with classmates who convinced me to try it out. Also during times where in I was pressured by peers. LOL. That is why up to know I don’t allow nor teach my 15-year old son to commute.

A few weeks ago, I had to go to Makati to meet up with my husband. Obviously, he has the car and the other car unfortunately fell on our coding day. It left me with no choice but to ride a cab. Ok! Good thing I downloaded the GrabTaxi App and registered several days ago in case I needed to use their service.

What exactly is GrabTaxi? Here’s a brief description…

GrabTaxi is an automated smartphone based booking and dispatch platform for the taxi industry in the Philippines. GrabTaxi aims to revamp these local taxi markets by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply (dispatch companies) and demand (passenger) sides of the distribution chain. With this technology, GrabTaxi hopes to optimize the matching process between taxi fleets and passengers. Our vision is to revamp the Philippines’ taxi industry, making it a safer and more efficient means of transport we can all be proud of.

In short, smartphone + data connection (mobile or wifi) = hassle free taxi booking!
But if you do not own a smartphone, don’t fret! You can call them at these numbers: 642-3525 / 641-4532 / 640-2318 / 0939-1533495; 0927-8384833.

Let me share to you how my GrabTaxi booking went.

1. Upon opening the app, this will pop-up on your screen:

An additional of Php70.00 will be added on top of your fare.

2. Map with “From” and “To” window will appear right after.
GrabTaxiThis is where you will put your details. Notice the encircled portion? You can type in your exact location/address or if you have special notes for the driver.

3. After typing in my details, it will show you the number of taxis nearby and the estimated fare.
GrabTaxiI had to blur my location. But that was the complete address where I should be picked-up.

4. This window will show you the nearby taxis and the estimated fare again.

Give it about 2minutes for the confirmation.

5. It will show you the status of your booking.

I guess I just wasn’t lucky enough to book a cab right away!

6. But it only took a minute after that for me to successfully get a taxi!
GrabTaxiOnce the driver confirms your booking, it will show the taxi’s plate number and estimated distance (in km) away from you.

7. You will then receive an e-mail notification from GrabTaxi of the taxi’s complete details including the driver’s mobile number so you can call him directly.
GrabTaxiYou now have the driver’s name, plate number and phone number. If you are in a village/condo, you can advise the guard on duty of the cab’s details for security reasons.

8. You can monitor the driver assigned to you.
GrabTaxiThis “Tracking” page is for you to see the driver’s exact location until it reaches you.

9. Once on-board, the driver will update his smartphone.
GrabTaxiFor verification, I asked for the name of the driver first before I stepped into the cab. See the “In Transit” status of my booking? It appeared on my phone after the driver updated his status.

10. Equipped with a smartphone.

This is the smartphone that the driver is using for the GrabTaxi app.


I also saw the driver checking his map if we were on the right track. 🙂

11. Reached my destination!
GrabTaxiUpon reaching my destination, you can either leave a comment of how the service and trip went or just click on the “I Have Arrived” option.

Voila! I may have paid an extra Php 70.00 but I arrived safely and comfortably.

Why should you avail of this service?

1. It’s a FREE app! It runs on iOS and Android powered phones.
2. Using this service, it will eliminate the jacked-up and contracted rates by abusive taxi drivers.
3. No need to hail a cab until your arm gets sore under the sun or even during the rainy season and no need to line-up in long queues.
4. You are given a receipt of your fare.
5. It’s safe, convenient and reliable.
6. An e-mail notification will be sent to you with the driver’s complete information.

1. A driver can reject your booking anytime they deem.
*BUT you can always call the driver. The driver’s mobile number will be sent via e-mail.

I highly recommend using GrabTaxi especially to tourists. It will change the dismal impression of taxi service in our country. With GrabTaxi, commuters can now have peace of mind. Every booking is documented from your point of origin to your destination.



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  1. I like this also, kasi lagi din akong nag taxi with my son very safe at wala mga daya meter nila..kasi dami na din ako bad experience sa mga pasaway na taxi drivers.. Thanks to GRAB TAXI! at mas ok ito sa call center agent workers.. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’ve experienced once, na may ibang pnick up yung driver along his way :/ Sad. I like Uber a lot better. It’s like grabtaxi but they have personal cars (and has a surprisingly cheaper option). I love it because you get a text and email as receipts.
    Here’s my Uber experience, if you want to see!

  3. tumae ako sa taxi ang saya2 🙂

      1. Excuse me sir, hindi po ako yan.

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