Everyone’s raving and posting about the different kinds of delicious food spread on Instagram, Twitter and practically every other social networking site. Spreads like Cookie Butter, Biscoff, Lotus, Marshmallow Fluff… and the list goes on. No doubt, these spreads are all sinfully good! So good that you can’t stop eating til you finish the entire bottle then you’ll eventually regret it once it shows in your thighs and hips (which doesn’t take to long to manifest. Haha!)

But I tell you, I died when I tasted Ovomaltine!Ovomaltine

Franny of http://www.frannywanny.com/ messaged me asking if I wanted to order a bottle of Ovomaltine. At first, I thought it was made from Ovaltine. I loooove Ovaltine that’s why I placed my order! But when I got my bottle and tasted it… Oh my goodness! I was at a loss for words! I may sound overacting but it was ridiculously good. What’s funny is that it didn’t even taste like Ovaltine! It actually tasted like melted Ferrero Rocher or a melted Nestlé Crunch, only richer!OvomaltineThis is good stuff! Chocolatey. Creamy. Crunchy! I can easily forego the other spreads because of this!

I ate this as my midnight snack with Pan De Sal and didn’t really care about the calories! Hahaha!OvomaltineI am one happy camper! Wheeeeeee!

Don’t just take my word for it, order through Franny now and get hooked yourselves!


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  1. owwww…you make me crave…

  2. yum! perfect for snack.. <3 🙂

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