Mister Donut’s Do-ssant!

Mister Donut has come up with its own version through the delectable Do-ssant!Do-ssants
That flaky texture coupled with a delicious Bavarian cream filling is just so desirable. With various flavors to choose from such as Sugar-raised, Cinnamon, Glazed, or Dark Chocolate.


I got a box of Cinnamon, Glazed and Sugar-raised Do-ssants.

I tried 2 flavors:
Sugar-raisedSugar-raised – its oozing with their signature bavarian cream filling. Its like eating the same bavarian cream filled donut that Mister Donut is known for but with the flaky texture of a croissant. Moist and gooey!

GlazedGlazed – this variant has the right amount of glaze and sweetness even if it has a bavarian cream filling too. It’s the kind of sweetness that won’t make you cringe!

I’ve always loved Mister Donut’s bavarian cream filling. The bavarian cream filling alone got me sold already! These freshly baked donut croissants are only available at Mister Donut Greenhills for the meantime for only P65 each. It won’t put a dent to your pockets. Best paired with a cup of Mister Donut’s coffee! As all donut croissants, best to be eaten right away to get the flaky texture.

There are also other items offered at this 24-hour branch such as Japan’s no. 1 chewey donut, the original Pon de Ring. Donut burgers, all-day breakfast meals, premium croissant sandwiches, milkshakes and desserts can be sampled from the present menu for everyone to enjoy as well.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrDonutPH


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