The Next Big Food Entrepreneur!

I recently had the opportunity to taste some of the dishes that were sampled by professional and amateur food entrepreneurs at “The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Challenge” by Entrepreneur Philippines held at Mercato Centrale. This event hopes to provide opportunities to aspiring food entrepreneurs.The Next Big Food Entrepreneur

I am ready for some serious eating!

It was participated by 64 hopeful entrepreneurs. Yes! 64! That means, I had a whopping 64 different food samples to try out! I came prepared… and by “prepared” I mean, I arrived with a really hungry tummy! Believe me, I was not at all disappointed.

After going through only about 18 food samples from 18 food stalls, I started struggling and slowing down. Hahaha! The human digestive system can only take so much! LOL! But my determination kept me going! It was a gastronomical fiesta – a wonderful and festive ambiance of food and fun! Some were real standouts while some stalls were just okay.


1. Arroz 2. Strips and Dips 3. Flavor Ave. 4. Crunchon

Bad Decisions Premium Burgers & Drinks Joint

Bad Decisions Premium Burgers & Drinks Joint – they offer premium burgers using beef patties that are about half an inch thick. Oh, so juicy and perfectly grilled!

Big Jack's

Big Jack’s – these cute sausages are stuffed with rice in Adobo, Bacon & cheese and Teriyaki flavors. This creative concoction isn’t only delicious… it also eliminates the use of utensils. Perfect for people on the go. Who ever thought up this idea got it delightfully right!

The entrepreneurs even dressed-up their food booths in crazy, cute and unique designs to grab more attention.

After a wonderful turn out, the judges have finally selected the top 20 qualifiers whom you’ll be seeing at Mercato Centrale from August 17 – October 13, 2013.20 Qualifiers

My top 4 choices were included in the 20 qualifiers.

This event was also in partnership with Solane LPG.


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