Lucia Ristorante opens at Hotel Celeste!

Lucia Ristorante (pronounced as lu-chee-ya) is an authentic Italian restaurant located at the ground floor of Hotel Celeste. If you are familiar with the old Mars Disco (yes, Mars Disco way back in the 90s!), this is where Lucia Ristorante is now located and has just recently opened.Lucia Ristorante

To give you that unique and flavorful gastronomical journey that Lucia Ristorante promises, Chef Davide Lombardi of Lombardi’s is constantly on hand manning and supervising the kitchen.Chef Davide Lombardi

Chef Davide Lombardi

Chef Davide Lombardi, a seasoned chef from Italy is a culinary intructor as well at the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA). Married to Janet, a Filipina from Bataan whom she met in Paris, Chef Davide Lombardi has been living in the Philippines for 5 years now.

I had a glass of Martini Bianco to jumpstart my day!Martini Bianco

Light and citrusy with a touch of spring onion that gives it an amusing twist. Sipping a Martini reminds me of those ladies from Sex and The City

To start off our lunch, we were given samplers of different Antipasti:
1. Mozzarella Di Buffala – mozarella buffala with sundried tomatoes. The sundried tomatoes pretty much tasted prunes. Add Mozarella to the mix and you’ve got a great combination!
2. Italian cold cuts – I love cold cuts! ‘Nuff said!
3. Quattro Formaggi – an uncomplicated yet very delicious pizza consisting of provolone, fontina, gorgonzola and mozarella. A real kiddie treat!
Napoletana – this pizza is simply topped with tomatoes, mozarella and fresh basil. Greaseless and very enjoyable!

For some pasta goodness, we had Taglierini, Lasagna and Ravioli.

Taglierini Tartufati
Taglierini Tartufati

Whenever I hear the word, Tartufati, it gets me into the mood for some truffle lovin’! No, not the chocolate kind of truffle but the expensive fungi kind. This dish uses homemade fresh taglierini with mushrooms and black truffles. Truffles when not “used” properly can be quite overwhelming. But Chef Davide’s Taglierini Tartufati hits the spot just right! It has that perfect earthy taste. Simple and light. Like!

Lasagne Della Casa Con Crema De Porcini
Lasagne Della Casa Con Crema De Porcini

This homemade fresh lasagna contains bolognese ragu and porcini sauce. Give me a plate of this wonderful dish and an ice cold soda, and I am good to go! This is one amazing meal in itself!

Ravioli di “Magro”
Ravioli di

Ravioli are small, squared pieces of pasta with filling. This particular pasta had ricotta cheese and spinach.

But if you prefer a simpler dish or less adventurous fare, you can opt to order Spaghetti “Lucia”.

A small showcase of the ocean on a plate: clams, mussels, squid and giant prawns. Perfect for seafood lovers.

Capping it off were the Panna Cotta Del Piemonte and Tiramisu
Panna Cotta Del Piemonte and Tiramisu

Panna Cotta is an Italian cooked cream with fresh vanilla. This sweet delectable delight was absolutely dreamy – almost to a fault, in fact! While the Tiramisu, a mascarpone cake with cacao, might shock you because of its strong kick! It’s like munching on two (2) espresso shots! But if you can take the kick of the strong coffee, then, this dessert is for you. It’s just too strong for me in all honesty.

You might be surprised to find some of the dishes a bit lacking in salt or flavor. Maybe because typical Pinoy food is normally quite salty and that’s what everybody is used to eating. I just sprinkled a little bit of salt and a substantial dash of pepper to enhance the flavor of some of the dishes a tad more. But overall, Lucia Ristorante serves good food. I like how their pasta is made and served fresh. It easily absorbs the flavors of the ingredients. There’s nothing like enjoying fresh pasta compared to just opening it from a box!

Hotel Celeste, the place where Lucia Ristorante resides in is known for their amusing, handpainted walls similar to Michaelangelo’s artworks. So, while dining at Lucia, the handpainted ceiling art will delightfully grab your attention.Lucia Ristorante
Lucia Ristorante isn’t that big of a restaurant. And that’s a good thing. It’s the perfect place for an intimate lunch, dinner or perhaps business with a mix of leisure while being attended to by a well mannered staff. Lucia Ristorante is most definitely worth the trip!

Contact Details:

Ground Floor of Hotel Celeste
02 San Lorenzo Drive Corner A. Arnaiz Avenue
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
T: 887-8080
Hotel Celeste:


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  1. […] Lucia Ristorante is nothing new to us. We were present during the establishment’s launch and it was also where we celebrated my husband’s birthday last year. More or less, we already knew what to order. […]

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