Hello, Mr. Ambassador!

Last month I had the privilege to see, hear and have a picture with the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry Thomas, Jr.!US Embassy Manila, Phillipines

We all know that me and my husband (well… even our kids) are active on Social Media. That includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook among others. And being invited to this intimate event by the Public Affairs Office of US Embassy in Manila, was such an honor. Though there have been a ton of engagements that we have been attending the past couple of days leading up to this particular event, it was deemed imperative to attend this special gathering. After all, it’s not everyday that one gets to see the US Ambassador to the Philippines, right? 😉

The meetup was held at Commune in Makati during a very rainy evening. But that didn’t hinder the invitees nor the Ambassador himself from arriving! The quaint café where the US Ambassador to the Phillipines and social media enthusiasts gathered, was closed and made exclusively available for his event. Before the arrival of the ambassador, everyone was given unlimited opportunities to pose at the photo booth wall for fun shots! That section of the cafe was set-up complete with social media paraphernalias. Here are some of our fun shots!

Social Media Overload!

Umm… Social media overload, my dear husband?


Goofing around with Chuckie, Jane and Ros.

My Hashtag's Lover!

My husband fondly captioned this photo as, “My Hashtag’s Lover”! Pwede!

And so, a short while after, the moment finally arrived! We were rubbing elbows with the ambassador. He was actually jolly, witty and filled with humor!

The ambassador was quoted as saying:

“There’s so many things to follow on social media. This is the new world.” – US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas, Jr.

He’s right! I’ve never really held a newspaper in a long time… except perhaps for those times when I grab a few pages to use when my puppy needs to “go”. But actually reading a broadsheet? God knows how long ago I last did something like that. When I wake up, Twitter is my newspaper. In between events, Twitter and Instagram are my best buddies. To reconnect with family and friends, my main go to platform is Facebook. Social media is where everything is at. It gives the common person a powerful voice and it levels the playing field.

Here are our fond moments with the ambassador…
This is the moment!

The Ambassador, Chuckie and Me!

The boys!

Some of the good looking men I met thru Twitter but eventually became good friends with… Ramon, Bob, Joey and Ederic. Twas nice seeing you all again! 🙂

What I also love about attending social media events is the really cool opportunity to finally put faces to names of wonderful people I’ve met online!Group shot

I finally got to meet some of those I follow on Twitter and Instagram that evening! Thanks to the nametags we were sporting, awkward “who are you?” moments were never a problem. I just grabbed this photo via US Embassy’s FB page.

Another really fun highlight was when Commune served us these absolutely cute “social media” cupcakes and Turon ala mode!Social Media Cupcakes and Turon!

Sweet treats to cap off the night!

Fun, food, festivities. Add to that the wonderful opportunity to bond with other social media personalities as well as the US Ambassador to the Philippines himself, the evening was nothing short of amazing.


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