Cheesy Bacon Roll-Up!

Remember my Pampanga’s Best Bacon that was delivered via City Delivery? Well… I didn’t just simply fry it! I whipped up something different – a recipe that’s yummy and easy to eat!

What you will need:


  • (1) 250g. Pampanga’s Best Bacon
  • Butter
  • Loaf of bread (edges removed)
  • Pre-cut Quickmelt Cheese
  • Maple Syrup

Tools for flattening the bread:

  • Rolling pin or a clean bottle or a glass (like what I did!)
  • Dry chopping board


1. Fry and drain the bacon. Fried Bacon

I no longer use oil since I use a non-stick pan for frying.

2. Using a clean and dry chopping board, place 1 loaf at a time and with the use of a rolling pin or a clean bottle or perhaps a glass, flatten the loaf.Flat bread Repeat procedure ’til all the slices of bread are flattened. For the more “healthy conscious”, you may also use whole wheat bread. Flattened bread 3. Assemble the cheese and bacon on top of the bread and roll it up!
4. On a non stick skillet, heat the butter.

This amount of butter can cook four (4) roll-ups at a time.

5. Fry the roll-ups ’til it turns brown.
Frying time!

The cheese oozes out when you press the bread with a spatula. So, make sure to not over cook it. I am sure you don’t want to eat burnt cheese!

6. When you are done frying, cut the roll-ups diagonally. Place on a clean plate with a few strips of cooked bacon and drizzle with maple syrup!
Drizzle with Maple Syrup!

Ooooh! It’s the perfect union of contrasting flavors: sweet maple syrup and bacon with cheese that’s oh so gooey!!!

My 2 versions:
Cheesy Bacon Roll-Up in American Loaf!

Cheesy Bacon Roll-Up

Whole Wheat Cheesy Bacon Roll-Up

Cheesy Bacon Roll-Up in Whole Wheat Bread

Easy to make and my kids loved it! Even my husband and dad-in-law enjoyed eating it! Thanks to my son who saw this recipe online… I just added a little twist by adding bacon and maple syrup.


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