Pampanga’s Best via City Delivery!

In this day and age, online ordering isn’t just the IN thing but something every person is starting to consider seriously. Not only does it lessen your petrol consumption but it also saves you a whole lot of time. These kinds of conveniences are very much sought after.

Good thing we have several online stores to choose from nowadays. I’ve tried a few of them already but just last weekend was the first time I ever tried City Delivery. To give you a brief background of what City Delivery is:

City Delivery is the premier multi-establishment delivery service in the metro today that caters to your delivery needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From food to grocer to package deliveries, get to experience convenience right at your doorstep by just a dial, click or text away.

City Delivery uses the number 87878. Very easy to remember!City Delivery

Going through their website, I clicked on Grocer to check on some grocery items that I needed since I was too lazy to go to the supermarket.City Grocer

City Grocer, the first real-time grocery delivery in the Philippines, is the answer to your household needs. City Delivery has expanded its scope from delivering restaurant food into other areas like delivering grocery, medicine, flowers and other household products.

It opened in another window showing the partner merchants. I browsed through the merchants and found Pampanga’s Best. Just what I needed!

City Grocer

When you click on the widget it will immediately show you a list of Pampanga’s Best’s branches so you can check which one is closest to you. Cool!Pampanga's Best

I clicked on the Mandaluyong branch since I am from there. It will also show you the branch’s operational hours.

After a thorough scan of what they had available, I ordered the following products:Pampanga's Best Order

It’s so easy! I ordered products amounting to Php1,023.00, and I did all that in the comforts of my own home. I get to relax while waiting for my food delivery before I get busy in the kitchen!

Everything was going smoothly until my unreliable internet connection wonked up (I’m looking at you SKYCABLE!) Duh! So, I ended up calling their 87878 hotline number! It was actually a blessing in disguise, in a sense, as I was able to witness how efficient and fast their CSR is. I have to commend Zenith or Zeny (sorry for not getting your name right Ü!). She took down my orders competently! Even dictating my very long address was a breeze for her… Good job!

Delivery time will take 45minutes to an hour. – no worries since that’s just about the normal time it takes for most delivery services anyway. But after 5minutes, the CSR called to inform me that one of the items that I ordered wasn’t available and offered me something else. More pogi points for going the extra mile!

So, after a short while, the City Delivery boy arrived on my doorstep with my Pampanga’s Best products! Yay!Pampanga's Best Products

Bacon, Sweet Ham, Beef Tapa and Chorizo Macao!

Visit City Delivery and order your items now – right in the comforts of your own home!

Check out their payment options:Payment Options

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Check back real soon for my Cheesy Bacon Roll-Up recipe using Pampanga’s Best Bacon!


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