Ngiting Mister Donut!

Hey, moms and dads! Mister Donut has new offerings that will bring smiles to our beloved kids!

These bite-sized donuts called, Bugsies and Donut Pops, will surely be a hit inside a child’s lunch box!Bugsies

Bugsies (Php15.00) – designed as colorful creatures that can be easily swallowed in one eating! The colorful sprinkles give off a sweetness that goes well with the not too sweet doughnut.

Donut Pop

Donut Pop (Php5.00) – lollipop inspired mini donuts topped with sweet crystal sprinkles.

Bugsies and Donut Pop

I finished 3 Donut Pops and 2 Bugsies!

Another new product by Mister Donut is this wonderful chocolate delight called the Triple Double Bavarian.
Triple Double Bavarian

These are chocolate donuts dusted with chocolate powder with chocolate filling plus an additional filling combination of either strawberry, classic bavarian, coffee bavarian or caramel bavarian. Wow!

Triple Double Bavarian

Extreme chocolatey overload with caramel bavarian filling! Fudgy and rich but not overwhelming since it has just the right amount of sweetness. Really good. Be sure to check your teeth before smiling, ok? Hehehe…

And for only Php15.00 per piece, these Bread Rolls with Cheese, Choco Fudge or Pastel filling can be your perfect snack partner any time of the day.
Bread Rolls

Something chocolatey, something sweet and creamy, something sweet and salty. Note that these rolls have a 3-day shelf life.

By the way, sign up your kids to join the Mister Donut Kidster Club! This is open to all kids 12years old and below. How, you ask? Simply ask for a Kidster Club membership form with your Php100 purchase of any of their Kidster products. Apart from having an exclusive membership card, you will be able to start enjoying special promos, quarterly newsletters, and even get to receive a gift on your birthday… all for FREE!

To know more about Mister Donut and their new products, click here.


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