Croissant + Donut = Cronut

Sugar Doughnut + Croissant
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I’m sure everyone has heard of the Cronut. Maybe a good number of you have already eaten one. For those of you not yet familiar with what a Cronut is, think of it this way – you could consider it to be the lovechild of a sugar doughnut and a croissant.

The Cronut was developed by Dominique Ansel for his bakery in New York. And from what I know, people actually line up for hours for this tasty new treat! Even here in the Philippines, several pastry shops have started offering Cronuts as well – but they are sold only at certain hours of the day and only a limited number of Cronuts are allowed to be purchased per person.

Since almost everyone I know is going gaga over this hybrid pastry, I was truly delighted to receive an invitation for a Cronut making demo. So, last Saturday, I went to Enderun Colleges with my husband to see firsthand how a Cronut is created.

Enderun Collegesย The demo was conducted by Chef Marc Chalopin, Executive Chef of Ducasse Institute Philippines.Chef Marc Chalopin

Chef Marc Chalopin was handpicked by Ducasse Education to maintain the standards of Alain Ducasse at Ducasse Institute Philippines with 32 years of kitchen experience.

We were given a pen and a sheet that had the ingredients printed on it so we can easily take down notes, too. Nice! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Pen and Paper

My partner for the day!

Here is what you’ll need.Cronut Ingredients

Here is Chef Marc as he starts to make some Cronuts.Chef Marc Chalopin

“You can use your hands when mixing.”

After a short while, the dough has already risen and is ready for frying!Dough

Deep fry in 160หšC using corn oil.
Frying time!

“1 – 2mins cooking time per side.”

Chef Marc fried the “trimmings” (excess dough) and dusted them with sugar.Fried

Straight from the fryer. Crispy and really flaky! I wanted to finish the entire plate but that would be too selfish of me. LOL.

Working on his cronuts!Colorful CronutsChef Marc

Instead of piping in the filling, Chef Marc’s version is to cut the cronut in half and place the filling in between, like a sandwich, plus adding a little of the actual ingredient in it as well (pistachio for the pistachio cronut, orange zest for the orange cronut and so on).

Thanks to my husband for taking this pic!

Me and my big eyes because I am concentrating!

So, without much ado, here are the yummy stars of the day – Orange, Strawberry and Pistachio Cronuts!Orange Cronut

A thing of beauty, huh?

Strawberry Cronut

Since I love anything with Pistachio, I chose this!Pistachio Cronut

The flavor of the Pistachio was very evident. The chopped nuts sandwiched in-between the cronut slices added texture and gave it that added ooomph! But this cronut would have been better if it was freshly made. This was from a batch made prior to the demo. Too bad I wasn’t able to taste the freshly made cronuts. At least I was able to try the newly-cooked “trimmings”, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is advised to eat the cronut right away to enjoy the flaky texture of the croissant.

If you haven’t tried this yet, head over to the nearest pastry shop (which you know sells this delicious treat) and get your cronut fix. Don’t be left out!

Though I may be spending so much time in the kitchen because I cook a lot, this doesn’t include baking pastries. I’ve yet to truly endeavor the adventure and excitement of baking. When I saw Chef Marc Chalopin do wonders by just mixing the dry ingredients with a little whipping and folding here and there… I was amazed! Wow. Just wow. Baking is like Math to me (a subject that I despise the most!). The preciseness of baking has always eluded my interest. But after attending his demonstration, it seems that baking is something that I will now start to consider seriously!

If you want to learn how to make mouthwatering desserts like this, visit They offer a lot of wonderful workshops and short courses.

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