My cute worktable!

Being a mom who loves to cook, I am always on the look-out for affordable, stylish and easy to store items that I can use in my kitchen. Given that we live in a townhouse, my kitchen space is understandably not that big. At times, my counter table isn’t enough when I prepare my cooking ingredients especially on certain occasions that I prep for a bigger group.

During one of my “online shopping” schedules a few months back, I was pleased to find this cute, collapsible table on Zalora’s website.Work Table

It had a neutral color that I really liked which blends well with my house’s motif. This is how it looks when folded.Folded work table

And this is how it is stored when not in use – in between the refrigerator and our cupboard.

Storing the work table

Lately, I’ve been into juicing and this is where I put my vegetables before or after sorting and cleaning them.Work Table

My kids borrow it also every now and then. Here is my daughter using it while doing her arts and crafts.Arts and Crafts Table too

Apart from it being easy to keep, it is also very easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp towel and that’s it!

Online shopping is the way to go nowadays. In just a click of a button, a purchase is easily made and your item is delivered right to your door step. No need to brave the terrible traffic going to congested malls. No parking fees or long queues just to pay one item! 😉


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  1. bought same table from Ace hardware for only Php500.00 and I’m using it as my laptop table 🙂

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