Magosaburo Now in Manila!

Magosaburo is finally in Manila! The first Japanese Restaurant in the heart of Bonifacio Global City that specializes in Wagyu Kaiseki (course meal) and Wine Pairing.


Magosaburo aims to showcase how select wines can masterfully enhance the taste of their premier cuisine.

Abigail Tabuchi-Sumida
Abigail Tabuchi-Sumida

Fresh-faced restaurateur Abigail Tabuchi-SumidaPresident of INSHOCK Philippines (the exclusive franchise distributor of Magosaburo) and Chief Executive Officer of this newly-opened restaurant enthused: “What makes the Philippine location very unique is that we offer wine pairing through our kaiseki menu. We have over 100 selections of wine available, which are carefully sourced from around the globe.”

A glass of white wine
Executive Chef Takashi Motomatsu
Executive Chef Takashi Motomatsu

The multi-course meal, known as Mago Kaiseki, best represents what Magosaburo is all about.

At first glance, pairing wine with Japanese cuisine seems avant-garde, but with his 15 years of culinary experience, Executive Chef Takashi Motomatsu assured: “It becomes a wonderful symphony of flavors once the tastes merge. With every pair, each course becomes more defined and can even become quite exciting.”

I am here for some serious eating! So, without further ado, let the 9-course meal commence!

Small Appetizer: Assorted Namuru (Japanese pickles)

Assorted Namuru
Spinach with Sesame, Cherry Tomatoes and Raddish & Carrots with Sesame.

Cold Appetizer: Assorted cold appetizer

Caprese Salad
Caprese Salad: tomato, mozarella and air parmesan. Dreamy!
Wagyu Tataki with Onions
Wagyu Tataki with Onions
Wagyu Sushi in Vinaigrette Rice
Wagyu Sushi in Vinaigrette Rice

And my favorite among all the cold appetizers…

Seared Tuna with Vinegar Jelly
Seared Tuna with Vinegar Jelly – Now THIS is fresh Tuna!

Soup: Foie-gras Chawanmushi

Foie-gras Chawanmushi
This Foie Gras with egg custard is very rich and buttery.

Absolutely delicious! I stopped myself from eating the entire bowl otherwise, I might end up not being able to eat the rest of the course.

Hot Appetizer: Wagyu Beef Shank Stew

Wagyu Beef Shank Stew
This was cooked for 24 hours making the beef “fork tender”.

The flavors of the different ingredients used blended very well, giving this dish a pleasant lightness to it.

Seafood: King Prawn with Mushrooms Wrapped in Seaweed Salt
(Note that they won’t serve this dish the way you see it on the image below. This seaweed and salt enclosure was presented to us simply to show how it was prepared and cooked in the kitchen.)

King Prawn with Mushrooms Wrapped in Seaweed Salt
It has (2) king prawns wrapped in Nori and covered with seaweed and salt to preserve the flavor.

When served, you are given a pinch of this seaweed salt to add more flavor to your prawns when eaten with the delightfully bland mushroom. I love how the taste of the nori and seaweed are very evident in the prawn’s flavor.

King Prawns
How your King Prawn with Mushrooms Wrapped in Seaweed Salt will be served.

Entremet: Basil Sorbet

Basil Sorbet
The Basil Sorbet is meant to cleanse the palate in between meals.

The Basil gives off a refreshing and cooling effect. Not to mention fragrant, too. I like this better than calamansi sorbet – it’s sweet without the acid.

First Main: Lava Stone Special Prime Ox Tongue

Lava Stone Special Prime Ox Tongue
They use the end part of the tongue because this part hardly moves. Therefore, this section is softer and tender.
Cooked Ox Tongue
Ox Tongue after being cooked on top of the lava stone.

Squeeze the lemon on top, dip it in their special steak sauce then add a minute amount of the malayan salt. It has a chicken gizzard texture but more tender.

Second Main: Lava Stone Japanese Wagyu Sirloin Steak

Look at how the meat is wonderfully marbled with fat. Now THAT is just deliciously perfect!
Cooked Wagyu Sirloin Steak
Cooked Wagyu sirloin steak with foamy soy sauce or special steak sauce and malayan salt.

It’s no secret that I hardly eat steak cooked “medium well” or rarer than that. The sight of blood oozing out of the meat easily grosses me out! The very moment I taste blood, not even the most expensive meat in the world, will be spared from the trash bin! But when I tasted Magosaburo’s Wagyu beef cooked (you guessed it!) medium well, I absolutely loved it! Quite unusual for me. It truly melts in your mouth and is probably one of the best steak dishes I have ever tasted!

Japanese Wagyu Chuck Roll Yakishabu

Chuck Roll
Chuck roll is the shoulder part, cooked “yakiniku” style.
Chuck Roll
I opted for some sesame oil (upon request) to go with this cooked Wagyu Chuck Roll. Even with the seasoning, I can still taste the freshness of the beef. Beautifully cooked!

Lava stone is a mountain stone from Japan. Lava stone doesn’t overcook food keeping the meat in its best flavor. The lava stone is kept at a temperature of 180-200 degrees –  this is the desired heat to lessen smoke. They use an infrared thermometer to constantly check and regulate heat.

Temperature checker
Keeping the temperature just right.

Third main: Tomato Sukiyaki

Tomato Sukiyaki
How the Tomato Sukiyaki looks before being cooked.
Cooked Tomato Sukiyaki
It has 3 kinds of mushroom: enoki, shiitake & shimeji with farm-fresh tomatoes.

The tomato neutralizes the sweetness of the Mirin and the salty flavor of the broth. They serve this dish with whisked egg.

Tomato Sukiyaki
Traditionally, you put the raw egg into the dish after cooking. But at Magosaburo, you dip the ingredients into the whisked egg instead (served on a separate bowl) to enjoy its wonderful richness.

Savory and sweet, this Tomato Sukiyaki is truly a satisfying treat to the palette. This dish takes about 10-15mins to cook.

Don’t worry about Salmonella, only freshest eggs are used. Oh! This Tomato Sukiyaki doesn’t have noodles because it is followed by their curry rice.

Rice: Magosaburo Curry Rice

Curry Rice
Looking at how this dish and colorful swirls are presented, it pretty much looks like the “Yin and Yang” of curry goodness!

I like how the curry sauce isn’t too overpowering. It comes with shaved parmesan to balance the taste but it still retains that delicious punch that curry is known for! The spicyness is definitely evident but never overwhelming. Strips of red and green pepper add more color and flavor. You might wonder why the rice dish was last to be served. According to Magosaburo, they follow traditional Japanese culture wherein rice is served last.

Dessert: Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake
For someone like me who isn’t fond of chocolate too much, I enjoyed this particular dessert!

Moist and not too sweet. My Cappucino’s perfect partner!

Coffee: Cappuccino

A Cappuccino to cap off the delicious 9-course meal.

Magasaburo also serves a la carte dishes should you think a 9-course meal is too much for the tummy to handle!

For those who love to drink wine, they have more than a hundred wine selections.

A wide selection of wine.

You can opt to book a private room upstairs for more intimate dining.

Private room
One of Magosaburo’s private rooms.
Magosaburo Team
The wonderful team behind Magosaburo!

I just had another culinary journey by way of this totally different Japanese dining experience! Truly, Japanese food, like the wonderful dishes served at Magosaburo, is art served on a plate! This new food destination definitely did not disappoint.

Magosaburo has softly opened already and will have their grand opening on July 30, 2013.

Operation hours: 6pm – 11pm
Wine bar is open until 3am

Contact Details

Address: Fort Pointe 2 (The Fort Strip), Global City, Taguig (beside Figaro and underneath URBN Bar)
T: 856-0795


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