Mega Sardines for Mother’s Day!

It was my first time to spend mother’s day without my husband as he was out of the country for an invitational tour. Since he was not with us we decided to celebrate at home instead. So, what kind of Mother’s Day dish could I come up with that is simple yet delicious? Being that it should fit the occasion of Mother’s Day, the dishes should show how creative I am as a mother when it comes to whipping up interesting food for the kids.

I decided to make 3 dishes out of Mega Creations by Mega Sardines.Mega Creations Sardines

Mega Creations in Natural Oil and Spanish Style

Sardines have long been viewed as a poor man’s meal. Usually, the common practice has always been to eat them straight from the can or in tandem with rice and a simple soup.

So, to make my Mega Creations dishes special, I came up with a couple of flavorful creations. The first one is what I now fondly call my “Mega Pasta”. This is very simple. All you have to do is prepare the following ingredients: spaghetti, butter, minced garlic, sliced onions, grated cheese, olives, salt & pepper to taste and Mega Creations Sardines in Natural Oil.

Mega Pasta Ingredients

My “Mega Pasta” ingredients.Mega Pasta

My “Mega Pasta” is my very own no-fuss pasta recipe. It blends all the wonderful flavors of garlic, olives and sardines in natural oil. Cook your noodles al dente to enjoy a delicious pasta dish.

What’s really cool about Mega Creations Sardines is their easy open can!Easy open can

Mega Creations Sardines in an easy open can

My second dish is a common snack for the little ones. I prepared “Mega Pizza” using Mega Creations Sardines in Spanish Style.Mega Pizza Ingredients

“Mega Pizza” ingredients

Since the sardines I used were not in red sauce, I added a small pack of tomato sauce and mixed it with the sardines instead. I just used the ingredients I readily had in my pantry like hamburger buns, sliced tomatoes, grated cheese, and olives. I had to make a different batch of “Mega Pizza” without olives since my daughter isn’t fond of it.Mega PizzaMega Pizza

I just popped it in the oven. Waited for the cheese to melt and voila! Instant healthy pizza snack!

And for my third dish, using the remaining Mega Creations in Spanish Style, I made “Mega Rice Topping”.

For this preparation, you will need cooked rice, minced garlic, butter, olive oil and the remaining oil from the can of Mega Creations Sardines Spanish Style. Salt and pepper to taste, of course.Mega Rice ToppingMega Rice Topping

This “Mega Rice Topping” recipe is perfect for busy moms and dads since this can be prepared in merely 10minutes. Kids will also enjoy eating this simple, tasty and filling fare.

These 3 recipes are very easy to make. It doesn’t consume too much time in the kitchen and your kids can also help out in making these delicious dishes. I had fun preparing all of them but it was more rewarding when I saw my kids enjoying them right down to the last morsel. Now, that’s what I call a “Happy” Mother’s Day!

Also, check out some of the health benefits of sardines:

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer
  2. Raises good cholesterol
  3. Improves bone health
  4. Protects your eyes against degeneration
  5. High protein content
  6. Strengthens your immune system

Mega Creations, your partner in creating everyday specials in your own kitchen!

Mega Creations Premium Sardines is a product of the Mega Fishing Corporation.
What sets the Mega Creations Premium Sardines apart is its unparalleled freshness and flavor, captured and kept following a stringent process of catching to canning the sardines. It comes in two variants, Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Natural Oil and in Spanish Style, to give your cooking more variety.
Mega Creations aims to make sardines the star of family meals, and turn family meal times to everyday specials for a more fulfilling dining experience.

Hungry for more easy-to-make sardine recipes? Check out Everyday Creations – a show that features the many different dishes that you can whip up using sardines as the secret ingredient. From appetizers to full-course meals, from Italian specialties to a French favorite finger food, all of them will get a sardine twist to make them extra special.

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For more details, visit the My Everyday Creations page on Facebook.


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