Day 3: Last Day!

(Part 3, Day 2)

April 23: Last day!

Just like Barbra Streisand’s famous song… “Some good things never last.” Sadly, our third and last day in Baguio.

I told my husband and kids (and I promised to myself) that we will buy a retirement home in Baguio. I would love to retire here. I love the weather. I love the laid back environment even when it gets crowded during the summer season and I love that I don’t need to use the A/C all day. (READ: outrageous MERALCO bills!)


Good morning, Baguio!


Lovely flowers to look at upon waking up!


Keeping it clean.


From Baguio with love!

Pine Trees

Because I am in Baguio!

Truly, everything in Baguio is still Instagram-able! That’s why I made sure my mobile phone was charged with an extra battery pack on hand.

After packing our things, we tried Route55 for lunch along Legards St. which was just close to where we were staying. The place was still empty when we arrived. We opted to stay outside because li’l Max was with us.Max and me!

Max and me!

Route55 Menu


Classic Pizza

For starters we tried their Classic Pizza with salami, mushroom, bellpepper and white onions for Php225. Allow 15-20 minutes cooking time.

Spinach and Shitaake Ravioli

Creamy pasta never fails to make my tummy smile! It’s cheesy with perfectly cooked pasta. For Php185.00, this Spinach and Shitaake Ravioli was spot on!

Route55 Ribs

Too steep for Php235.00! Why? All I tasted was the sweetness from the BBQ sauce they used to slather the ribs with while the meat was so hard to slice! Sayang my money!

Route55 Tapa

Your typical homemade Tapa for Php195.00

Route55 Burger

This is their classic burger with lots of caramelized onions and garlic cream cheese. For Php185.00, this burger still doesn’t have any cheese on it by the way. An additional charge of Php15.00 is required should you want to add a slice of it. The burger patty was juicy and perfectly seasoned. Even if I can only see a little portion of the garlic cream cheese on my hamburger, you can actually taste it. I love not hating garlic!

This concludes our family Baguio Summer trip! Had to split my posts because I didn’t think I’d be able to post everything in one whole entry. It would be too tiring to read and would be a grave injustice to my dear readers if I posted a summarized, less detailed version. Sayang naman. It’s not that the places we went to were new or we did or tried something extreme, we just had a wonderful family time with my dad-in-law who needed to unwind. Like this…Daddy Henry

A clear case of “shooting the shooter”! Haha!

Goodbye, Mr. Lion!

Til we see each other again, Mr. Lion!


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