Day 2, Part 3: Baguio’s “Cafe By The Ruins”

(Part 2: Day 2)

April 22: Day 2

Apologies if my Baguio post got delayed. I know this has been loooong overdue. Spell NATABUNAN (hahahaha)!

Anyways… moving on…

Originally, I planned to have breakfast at “Cafe By The Ruins” with the family because I wanted them to try their Queso de Bola Ensaymada and Cinnamon Rolls. But we all woke-up a bit late on our 2nd day. So instead, we just had our last Baguio dinner there.

Almost everyone I know who’s been to Baguio has dined in this restaurant. But for some who aren’t familiar with the place, Cafe By The Ruins a pretty old establishment, operating for about 25 years already. It is located just in front of Baguio City Hall. It’s fairly easy to spot the place. You can’t miss it!
Cafe By The Ruins

You can actually smell the freshly baked bread and other pastries permeating from the inside.

Bread wonderland!

Assorted bread and pastries for sale.

For your dining options, you can eat indoor…


… Or al fresco.

Al fresco dining area

Choose this spot to feel the cool Baguio breeze!

We decided to get a table outside, near the entrance by the bakery. It was the perfect place to take in the fresh Baguio air, not to mention the best location for my dad-in-law to use his E-cig while waiting for our orders to arrive. (What’s an E-Cig you ask? Know more about it at

The fambam!

The fambam doing what they love best while waiting – tinker with their gadgets while the little girl looks after li’l Max.

For starters, we ordered Herbed Liver Paté. Our family loooooves Liver Pate and my late mother-in-law actually taught me how to make this. Spread over melba toasts or soda crackers. So, whenever there’s a chance for me to try this beloved dish away from home, I make it a point to snag the opportunity.

Herbed Liver Paté

A French spread made from chicken liver, laurel leaf, rosemary, sage and thyme. You may find this a tad on the expensive side considering its small serving costs Php70.00. But this spread has a silky smooth texture and a buttery flavor that’s just absolutely divine!

My son who loves pasta or anything with noodles tried the Ruins Pasta (Php260.00).Ruins' Pasta

The green spinach noodles were cooked al dente. 1 pogi point! The sauce is fish roe in cream sauce. The cream and the fish roe’s salty flavor perfectly compliments the bland taste of the noodles.

“Tita Susie’s Crispy Tapa” – ordered by my husband, dad-in-law and my daughter.Tita Susie's Crispy Tapa

Fried shredded beef that was well seasoned, served with mountain rice and ensalada on the side. Simple. Easy to eat. Uncomplicated. Kinda pricey for Php300.00, though.

I had the Fried Tilapia Tarlaqueno (Php280.00).Fried Tilapia Tarlaqueno

Just your ordinary fried Tilapia with steamed vegetables served with red rice. It’s a very “homey” kind of dish.

From its Cordillera inspired menu to the restaurant’s bullet mark laden walls, this wonderful place serves as a memory of the how the venue was once a garden theatre and eventually the residence of the last governor general – and was almost completely destroyed during WWII.

Bullet marks

Bullet marks on the walls of Cafe By The Ruins which never fail to capture the attention of guests.

To know a brief history of “Cafe By The Ruins”, read below.The sory behind...

“Baguio’s best loved restaurant.”

Whilst a romantic place for lovers in the evening, if you will be bringing kids with you during your visit, it would be best to drop by the restaurant during daytime.

Contact Details
Address: 25 Chuntug St., Baguio City
T: (074) 442 4010
E: [email protected]

To be continued…


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