Pondering on “Pon De Ring”?

After having a taste of the famous Pon De Ring being sold in a shop in QC, it kind of made me think to myself, “What’s the fuss over Pon De Rings all about?” A Pon De Ring should be chewy but theirs wasn’t even close. It was rubbery at best! Very blah, personally.

So, when I got an invitation to attend Mister Donut’sPon De Ring” launch, honestly, I was quite hesitant. My previous experience left me a skeptic.

When I hear Mister Donut, 2 things come to mind immediately: Coffee and Greenhills Shopping Center. For over 31 years, Filipinos have thoroughly enjoyed the delectable offerings of Mister Donut like their Crullers and Hotdog Goodwich that eventually got phased-out.

Recently, loyal customers have warmly welcomed the new Japanese inspired motif of this beloved donut shop – Mister Donut Cafe.The newly renovated Mister Donut CafeMister Donut continually innovates by bringing into the country the original flower-like shaped “Pon de Ring” from Japan.Pon De Ring

I tell you, Mister Donut’s Pon De Ring is REALLY chewy! During the launch, I tried their Classic Glazed variant.Classic Glazed

Smothered with glaze with just the right amount of sweetness and chewiness. Yes, chewy! Yay!

Apart from Pon de Rings, Mister Donut Cafe also offers an All-Day Breakfast menu.All-Day Breakfast

We even sampled their Baked Cheese Tomato Penne.Baked Cheese Tomato Penne

The flavor was contrastingly delicious: mildly sweet and salty. Loaded with cheese that made it oh so gooey plus tomatoes for that slight acid taste. For only Php95.00, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck!

The Ham and Bacon Croissant is also a must try!Ham and Bacon Croissant

Would you believe this only costs Php80.00? Another delicious offering from Mister Donut that will make you come back for more.

I had too much to eat during the launch so we took home several boxes of Pon De Rings. Wheeee!

The Peanut Butter flavor is also yummy!Peanut Butter

Glazed and drizzled with peanut butter sauce topped with chopped nuts. I scooped a portion of the peanut butter sauce to taste the sweetness level – the flavor was spot on. Not even a bit overwhelming.

I loved the Honey Sunflower variant, too.Honey Sunflower

This variant is glazed also which goes well with the sunflower seed’s salty taste. Good stuff!

But if you just want a simple variant that’s as delicious as the other flavors but uncomplicated, go for the Sugar-raised Pon De Ring.Sugar-raised

It was delightfully sweet and satisfying. Another perfect pair for Mister Donut’s freshly brewed coffee.

Assorted Pon De RingsMister Donut’s Pon De Ring come in other variants too, such as: Almonds, Rocky Road, Sans Rival, Pistachio, Cookies and Cream, and All Chocolate. Other special toppings like gummy bears on their Candy Stars variant and Wafer Flakes can also be added to these wonderful Pon De Rings for a playful twist.

Drop by the Greenhills branch of Mister Donut Cafe anytime of the day where they initially launched it to have a taste of the chewy goodness of REAL authentic Pon De Rings!Open 24-hours!

Website: http://www.misterdonut.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrDonutPH
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MisterDonut_PH


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