Nestle x Flaunt It: The White Trunk Show!

I’ll say it again, “I am no fashion blogger nor am I attempting to be one”.  So, please don’t judge quickly if I recently attended the “Nestle Non-Fat Milk “Flaunt It: The White Trunk Show” held last May 21 at the posh The Loft @ Manansala.  There is a good reason why I went.  As much as the event features good fashion sense, it also promotes good nutrition – and given that my blog covers not just travel but FOOD, this is where I come in.Stage

The stage is all set!

The event is a collaboration between Nestlé Philippines, Inc., and Summit Media to celebrate nutrition and fashion that showcased Nestlé Non-Fat Milk with beautiful ladies strutting their stuff along the catwalk flaunting their curves. This exclusive “by invitation only” fashion event was attended by big names in the fashion industry like Rajo Laurel, the stunning and still fit Tweetie de Leon and beauty queens Shamsey Supsup & Janine Tugonon to name a few.

The Loft at Manansala was turned into a very dainty venue in white and pink tones – the perfect ambiance for all the ladies who came to grace the event and have brunch as well.

Table set-up

Even the pastry buffet tables were gorgeously set-up.

We were also treated to 4 healthy Nestlé Non-Fat Milk Smoothies prepared on the spot though I have only tried 2. Since I wasn’t able to taste the other 2 flavors, I can easily whip them up at home since I have the recipes.Nutty Avocado

Nutty Avocado – light and cooling.

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn – love the “mashed” texture that the corn kernel gives.

John Miller

Mr. John Miller

“Nutrition, Health and Wellness is at the very core of what we stand for in Nestlé. Wellness is not just about physical exercise. Wellness is achieved by balancing physical activity with good nutrition. Today’s event is a celebration of looking and feeling great made possible by good nutrition and regular exercise. Nestlé Non-Fat Milk provides nutrition to those who give due importance to managing their weight and staying in shape. A single serving of Nestlé Non-Fat Milk delivers the healthy goodness of milk with just 0.1% fat, 90 calories, in addition to your daily dose of protein and calcium.” – John Miller (Nestlé Philippines Chairman & CEO)

Milk is filled with essential nutrients that is beneficial to one’s body and no one is too young nor old to drink milk. Milk is a good source of calcium especially to the not so young ones (like me!) to prevent bone problems later on. It also helps in rebuilding muscles after every exercise because it contains protein. Sadly, some people just stop from drinking milk because it might add up to their weight. That’s why Nestlé Non-Fat Milk is our “go to” product being that it only has 0.1% fat!

Here are a few photos I took during the event’s catwalk portion.  Look at how fit and sexy these ladies were even after devouring every pastry served to them during that morning’s festivities.

SwimwearResort Dresses

The swimwear and resort dresses were designed by 4 of the country’s rising fashion designers.The designers

(L – R) Vania Romoff, Kristel Yulo, Jot Losa and Cherry Veric being interviewed by Tricia Centenera

Since it was a “wear white” semi-formal event, everyone was obviously made up accordingly. Being that I am not much of a fan of white dresses, this was the only white top I had which I knew would fit the occasion.Flaunt It

With the Nuffies (standing from L – R) Denise, Marianne, Toni. (Seated) Me and Noelle.

So, drink up! Drink non-fat and look non-fat!Non-Fat Milk


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