YUMMY Eats 2013

Foodies gathered last May 18 for YUMMY Magazine’s “YUMMY Eats 2013“!Yummy Eats 2013

This is me infront of the NBC Tent.

Food lovers all over the metro had a blast at the NBC Tent with YUMMY magazine’s most anticipated cooking and eating fair – YUMMY Eats! Good thing my husband and I arrived at the event early and since there wasn’t a sea of people yet, we were able to enjoy doing the rounds on every food stall without having to be forced to stand in line.

With over 50 food concessionaires, I don’t know how I can possibly post about every single booth. Each stall was unique and had something deliciously wonderful to offer. So, let me just randomly pick a few which have stood out.

This is me about to start my food tasting experience.

With my YUMMY Eats passport and golden plate.

Posing behind the tarp with my YUMMY Eats passport and golden plate.

Let me start with Alchemy. Last year, I blogged about their macarons and how sweet and colorful their sandwich cookies were! I was just so happy to see their booth since I haven’t really met the owner, Meryl, personally yet.Alchemy

Meryl and her sweet sister posing for my camera despite their busyness. ‘Twas really nice to have finally met you both.

Mochiko Strawberry and Blueberry Cheesecake
I love Mochiko especially their Oreo & Milk flavored ones. So, when I saw 2 of my favorite fruits (paired with cheesecake) being sampled off, I never doubted that these new flavors would be a hit not just with me but with other Yummy Eats visitors!

Hey Gourmet!
Hey Gourmet
This ensaymada is just divine! Smothered with Salted Caramel on a buttery bread topped with grated cheese giving it that sweet-salty taste. Wonderfully moist and delicious! This is perfect to give as gifts or as Christmas give-aways.

Merry Moo
Merry Moo
When I saw this booth, I knew I just had to have their Sea Salt Caramel ice cream! I will never get tired of this flavor. I just love the combination of anything that is sweet and salty. I devoured it right away leaving only a small portion for my husband to taste making me seem really selfish. Haha!

We also sampled their Lemon Speculoos and Rosemary & Cheese flavors. I prefer the former than the latter. The simple and refreshing hint of lemon combined with the unmistakable (and delicious) gingerbread-ish flavor of Speculoos’ Cookie Butter was really good. The Rosemary & Cheese flavor was quite alright. Although, the flavor has to grow on me a bit. I find the distinct and somewhat minty taste of rosemary a tad overpowering.

These sweet treats are definitely the culprits of my “not-so-sexy-to-look-at” tummy right now… but BOY were they worth it!

Crunchybelly by Carlo’s Kitchen
Carlo's KitchenThese crunchy bite-sized pork belly strips need no further description. All you have to do is see it and drool. You can tell how delicious they are when you observe customers taking a bite and notice their eyes roll up in utter ecstasy. That’s exactly what happened to me too!

Manila Q’s Bagwang
BagwangIf you love Bagnet, you will love Bagwang! It’s easier to eat than Bagnet since it is sliced into small pieces. Just read their description on the image above – it pretty much says it all!

These crispy pork niblets are the ultimate “pampabata”! Lol.

Kitayama Wagyu Corned Beef with Miso Butter Sweet Corn and Japanese Style Quail Egg by Dulcelin Gourmet
Dulcelin GourmetI thought I was already in Food Paradise after having sampled almost 20 different kinds of food. But no, more was in store! This booth was positioned towards the far end corner of the tent. Dulcelin Gourmet’s Kitayama Wagyu Corned Beef with Miso Butter Sweet Corn made me die in absolute delight in every bite when I tasted their Japanese Style Quail Egg! Dulcelin Gourmet’s very tasty corned beef was cured for 1 week then slow cooked for 48 hours giving it that delicately wonderful flavor partnered with fresh sweet corn in Japanese miso – The sweetness of the corn + miso’s salty taste compliments each other. But the highlight of this dish for me was their soft boiled quail egg marinated in soy sauce. The yolk just slowly oozes out in your mouth as soon as you bite it. Heavenly!

Pepita’s Lechon
Pepita's LechonPepita’s Lechon has been receiving good reviews about their assorted stuffed lechon (Spanish, Japanese, German, Pinoy, Christmas and Birthday Lechon) and during the event, this was a certified hit! They served their French lechon which had truffle rice stuffing. The rice had been stuffed inside the lechon de leche with truffle oil.  A fusion of our very own pinoy lechon and the various flavors of world cuisines. Definitely, a twist that’s sure to be a global hit.

Aside from the yummy food samples, there were also fun cook-offs and demos prepared by Hunt’s, Magnolia Butter, and McCormick for everyone to enjoy! Readers also got to meet the team behind YUMMY magazine.Yummy Eats

The stage is all set!

Find out what else happened during Yummy Eats 2013 by logging on to www.yummy.ph. You can also check their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram: @yummyph.

YUMMY magazine is a publication of Summit Media and is available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide. Yummy is also available in digital format. Visit http://www.summitnewsstand.com.ph/yummy-magazine to know how to get your copy.

YUMMY Eats is co-presented by Hunt’s and Magnolia Butter; with major sponsors McCormick and minor sponsors King Sue and Corelle. Special thanks to our official media partners Yummy.ph and Summit Media and other media partners Mellow 94.7, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, Business World, Herword.com, and Nuffnang.


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