Day 2, Part 2: Baguio’s “Ober da Bakod”!

(Part 2: Day 1)

April 22: Day 2

During our second day, when it was just about lunchtime, our driver suggested to try a hole-in-the-wall eatery that’s just beside Baguio Country Club. Actually, the only thing that separates this restaurant from the country club is just a wall. Hence, Ober Da Bakod.

Being the adventurous family that we are, we tried out a few dishes that Ober Da Bakod’s “Countryside Eatery” had to offer. But this joint is not too friendly to PWD’s or the young “once” – The steep flight of stairs can be quite discouraging.Ober da BakodOber da Bakod

“Ober da Bakod” is a hole-in-the-wall eatery. You want good and affordable home cooked meals? Try this place!

Ober Da Bakod serves Filipino dishes. Several pre-cooked fare were displayed by the counter readily available for you to choose from. Point out your fancy and they will immediately re-heat it. Turo-turo style. The 3 dishes that we ordered were:

Bulalo (Php220.00)

My homestyle kind of Bulalo… No frills. The meat is so soft that you can just actually let it slide down your throat. Very tasty. The secret is in the stock!

Lechon Kawali (Php180.00)
Lechon Kawali

This! Do you see the thin and crispy skin on top of the beautifully rendered fat? Crunchy on the outside with the kind of “crrrrrunch” that can be easily heard by the person seated next to you when you take a bite. But the dish delightfully retained the soft fat with oil (that’s what makes it delicious!) on the inside. Cooked and seasoned perfectly. But being a Pinoy, I still made my Calamansi, Toyo and Labuyo sawsawan!

Kalderetang Kambing (Php220.00)
Kalderetang Kambing

I have tried eating this dish once but it has been ages ago. I have not introduced this dish to my kids yet so I was really surprised when my son requested for it. I tried a small piece and noticed that it had that faint gamey taste that I don’t like. Plus, this particular dish was really “boney”. My son loved it. Good for him! 😉

If this post made you drool, then it’s probably a good thing. If you are curious about Ober da Bakod, my sincerest apologies as I do not have the complete address. But it is located just beside Baguio Country Club where the horses are parked. If you see cars parked by the horses near a green wall, that’s it. Go down the stairs until you see the restaurant on your left.

To be continued…


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