Day 2 Part 1: Baguio to the fullest!

(Day 1)

April 22: Day 2

Our 2nd day in Baguio was alloted to shopping for good finds at the Maharlika Market and eat certain kinds of food that we crave for which are only available in this city. The only time that I can bring my kids and husband to the market is when we are outside of Metro Manila or touring a balikbayan around. “Take Advantage” mode ON!

The busy market sidewalk!Busy Sidewalk

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved going to the market. I don’t have any qualms about it even when most markets are wet or smelly and fly infested. That’s the kind of training I got from my grandmother, Mama Julie. She would take me and my cousin to the market every Saturday. This is what I want my kids to learn also. They will eventually have their own families so I’m slowly breaking them in to these kinds of activities.

Maharlika Market

I always buy my pasaubong at Maharlika Market. From t-shirts to Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam & Ube. I find it hassle to go to the main Good Shepherd store because of the busy streets of Baguio. Since I don’t buy in bulk, the Php5.00 or Php10.00 price difference is not worth the trip.

Sundot Kulangot

These are “Sundot Kulangot” Jr. & Sr. If you are not familiar with this or haven’t tried it yet, this is how you eat it: You remove the red tape that seals the shell, break it and use your pinky to eat the Coco Jam-like Kalamay inside. I prefer the small ones because it’s challenging to eat. My daughter opened quite a number of these and had lots of fun eating it. Tao na sya! 😉

Colored brooms

These colored brooms are sold at Php150.00 per piece.

We also went to the Filling Station inside Camp John Hay to eat Ice Cream on a rainy afternoon and checked out some PX goods at the Commissary.
Filling StationCommissary

Absurd prices at the Commissary computed at a $1.00 = Php 41.00 exchange rate! I can get Cookie Butter in Manila at Php450 only! But their flavored sodas are way cheaper (by as much as Php15.00) compared to the ones we buy here in Manila so we hoarded those instead!

We dropped by Mines View Park
Mines View Park
At Wright Park to have a picture with Coco, a cute St. Bernard…
Coco the St. Bernard
…and to eat what my hubby and kids missed a whole lot – Strawberry Taho!
Strawberry Taho

We had to make the most of our time since this was our last full day in Baguio City. I’m pretty sure everyone was exhausted but just couldn’t say no to me. 😄

To be continued…


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