Out with Overtime and In With Oreo Time!

Did you know that the average Filipino worker clocks in nearly 24 hours’ worth of OT or overtime per week? It may not seem much in this demanding and fast-paced world, but imagine what you could do with that extra day: rest, enjoy some time for yourself, or, more importantly, spend time with your family.

Oreo has always been about getting the family together and liberating your inner kid. That’s why the world’s most popular cookie is redefining the term OT in the Philippines, turning it into a time of enjoyment with the family – Oreo Time.

“Oreo Time is a moment of fun, togetherness, and child-like delight that you spend with your loved ones,” explained Oreo Philippines Brand Manager Hernando Betita. Indeed, it is through these moments that people will soon be able to say, “Ang Sarap Mag-OT!”Oreo Time

To accomplish this new social and cultural mindset, Oreo is collecting 1,000,000 Oreo Time-Ins via the website OreoTime.com. All you have to do to be part of this movement is to log-in to the site, using your favorite social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram) and post how you spent your OT. It can be as simple as a descriptive post, or a picture or video depicting your moment of child-like delight. Whether you’re having OT by yourself or with your loved ones, as long as you are having a blast and feeling like a kid at heart, your time in will definitely be counted. You may also time in by using the hashtag #Oreotime on your Twitter or Instagram posts.

Upon reaching 1 million time-ins, Oreo will give away 1 million Oreo cookies distributed among key locations all-over the country.

“We believe that there is an OT stored in every Oreo cookie,” Betita enthused. “So even if we reach our one million time-ins, we want to continue giving the Filipino people more OT by giving away more cookies!” he continued.

To know more about the movement and how to be part of it, log-on to OreoTime.com. Get awesome OT ideas from those who have already timed-in. Maybe in the future, you’ll be the one giving Filipinos all over the world the best ideas for their OT.


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