Precious Moments Restaurant (Part 2)

(Part 1: A Tour Of The Precious Moments Showroom)

The Precious Moments Showroom is not just a place to showcase the cute and adorable tear drop-eyed dolls they are known for. The place is also a restaurant that accepts reservations for all your special occasions, to take-out food or have it deliverered. You can even book them as your caterer.Precious Moments Showroom and Restaurant
SamBrew Café
SamBrewSamBrew Menu

Coffee shop on the ground floor. They serve yummy cupcakes and a variety of coffee concoctions.

And here are some of the dishes that we tried for dinner.

We started with Seafood Spinach Soup (Php230.00 good for 3-4 persons)Seafood Spinach Soup

If your kids don’t like to eat veggies, let them have this instead. This soup is the perfect treat for li’l tots. It doesn’t taste grassy at all, plus the seafood in the soup are cut up into easy bite sizes. Cooked just right.

Baked Spareribs (Php310.00)
Baked Spareribs

The sweetness of the ribs compliment well with the Yang Chow fried rice. They were an absolute match that night! Tasty and fried to perfection.

Braised Pata Tim (Php465.00)
Braised Pata Tim

The meat literally falls off the bone and bursting with delicious flavor! I love its gelatinous skin texture in sweet dark sauce. They sure do know how to prepare one mean Pata Tim! Bastante!

Korean Squid (Php390.00)
Korean Squid

I love the flavors of this dish. The squid was tender, the sweetness of the sugar was just right and the level of spicyness was tolerable. By request, you can have the spicyness level of this dish changed, by the way.

SamBurger with Potato Chips (Php137.00)
SamBurger with Chips

Made from beef and soy, it pretty much makes this HUGE burger healthier than a good number of regular burgers sold elsewhere. Although, I find the patty a bit thin, the size of each slice makes up for it. Simple but tasty. Can be shared by 3-4 persons.

Macadamia Hazelnut and Cookies & Cream Lattes (Php125.00)
Cold Drinks

(L) Macadamia Hazelnut Latte and (R) Cookies and Cream Latte – These cold coffee drinks will give Starbucks a run for their money! Yummmmmy!

Colorful Cupcakes

Clockwise: Orange, Choco Moist, Strawberry, Red Velvet, Banana Walnut and Black Forest. My favorite would be the Orange cupcake. It’s made with real orange juice and has delicious orange filling inside. One cupcake is not enough… Every bite was divine. Don’t take my word for it… best get for yourselves.

These are 2 of the wonderful people behind Manila Precious Moments.
Precious Moments

President: Mr. Jojo Sonillo and Managing Director: Ms. Amiel Carmona

‘Twas an absolutely wonderful dinner! Good food, great company – what else could I ask for?

Head on over to Precious Moments Showroom and Restaurant at 95 Sen. Gil Puyat St., Palanan, Makati
T: 387-1092
C: 0905-4333870


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