A Tour Of The Precious Moments Showroom (Part 1)

Precious Moments began more than thirty years ago, when creator, Mr. Samuel “Sam” J. Butcher began drawing the endearing tear drop-eyed children he called “Precious Moments” as gifts for his family and friends. Today, the Precious Moments artwork is one of the most recognized forms of art in the world, sharing its wonderful messages of loving, caring and sharing.

Just in the heart of Makati City, you will find The “Precious Moments” showroom/restaurant. A cozy place that not only showcases cute, inspiring porcelain figurines that Precious Moments is well known for, but also serves various delightful snacks and dishes (we’ll get to the food on part 2 of my “Precious Moments” post).Precious Moments Life Size Dolls

You will be welcomed by these Precious Moments life-sized dolls upon entering the showroom and restaurant.

The showroom is located at the second floor of the establishment that doubles as an events place too. The entire place has that homey ambiance that easily makes you feel comfortable right away. The entire place is bathed in pastel colors – a Precious Moments trademark.

Before going up to the second floor, you’ll notice this dainty altar positioned right at the foot of the stairs.Altar

Instead of a traditional cross, a cute frame of a tear drop-eyed child with a verse is displayed.

Scrap mold from the USA

This scrap mold of the figurines was brought here by Mr. Jojo Sonillo from the USA. Instead of it being thrown away, it was cleaned, framed and displayed by the stairway. Ingenious!

The first twenty-one original Precious Moments figurines that were introduced to the market are all displayed in a glass cabinet.First 21 original figurines

These are the first 21 original “Precious Moments” figurines. They are displayed at the “Precious Moments” showroom for everyone to see.

Apart from being known for having their adorable teardrop-eyed dolls, all Precious Moments collections are filled with inspirational messages deeply rooted in Christianity.Precious Moments

Nativity sets and crosses.

Precious Moments have also tied up with several foundations and cause oriented groups like the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation. Proceeds from the doll and figurine sales are donated to support the programs and services of the foundations.Cory Aquino Doll

Look how lovely this doll is! So Cory-ish! 😉

As mentioned, this is not just a showroom to display all the fragile and adorable Precious Moments collections. The second floor is also an events area that can accommodate 80 persons. In fact when we were there, the staff were already decorating the area for an anniversary celebration that was to be held the next day.Events AreaEvents Area

To be continued…

Contact Details:

95 Sen. Gil Puyat St., Palanan, Makati
T: 387-1092
C: 0905-4333870
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/preciousmomentsmanila


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