My Ticket To France With Chateau De France!

I am married to a Dreyfus and Dreyfuses are of French lineage from the town of Alsace Lorraine. Hence, my infatuation and “kagagahan” over the Eiffel Tower or people speaking in French, not to mention, French cuisine! Liver Pâté, Shrimp Bisque, Crème Brûlée, Baguette and macarons are just some of my favorites.

They say that French cuisine is one of the finest cuisines in the world and I couldn’t agree more! And to truly enjoy the experience of French fare, one must dine in an authentic French restaurant or café as well as learning how to cook authentic French dishes.

Good thing, finding a good French bakery is now as easy as 1-2-3!

Chateau de France recently opened at SM Supermarket, Makati City.Chateau De France

Chateau de France

It is your authentic and complete French bakery from bread, cold cuts, cheese and pastries.Chateau De FranceChateau De FranceChateau De France
Chateau De France

At Chateau De France, you are assured of freshly baked bread all the time.Freshly baked bread

Freshly baked bread throughout the day. Direct from freezer to oven which ensures the perfect freshness.

To have a taste of the famous Parisienne, Mr. Louis Thevenin, the General Manager of Chateau de France demonstrated how to make this classy sandwich.Ingredients for Parisienne sandwich

Using the finest ingredients.

Mr. Louis Thevenin

Mr. Louis Thevenin doing his thing!

And voila! Your delicious Parisienne sandwich made in under 2 minutes!Parisienne SandwichParisienne Sandwich

Parisienne Sandwich is considered to be their French version of our very own “Burger McDo”. Look at how the bread has larger holes. It means that when the bread was being made, there was longer time for the dough to rise. That’s a real French bread you’ve got there!

The sampling of food did not end there yet. We were treated to an assortment of flavored macarons, too! Macarons, you say? Oh yes, indeedy! Macarons! Chateau de France showcases 10 wonderful flavors of macarons: Coconut, Mango, Lime, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon, Chocolate, Vanilla and my 2 personal favorites – Fig and Pistachio!Chateau de France

These colorful, chewy and sweet round desserts are too pretty to eat but when I did, these delicious goodies were pretty much gone in 60 seconds!

Chateau de France products are from France made by the hands of real French artisans using fresh ingredients. All bread products use a unique bread-making process with slow kneading and long resting periods that allow the dough to develop all the aromas and flavors. Macarons are made with natural colors using the traditional almond flour. Chateau de France offers authentic French products at affordable prices.


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