Certified Angus Beef at SM!

I would never settle for anything less when it comes to the ingredients that I use in cooking. Premium items, whenever possible, are a must most especially when it comes to your choice of meat, don’t you think? And if you love cooking and preparing food, tender and juicy cuts of beef is of utmost importance every single time.

Good thing, SM Supermarket has “beefed up” its meat selection by offering one of the best tasting meats known to man… the certified Angus Beef.

Certified Angus Beef

This is the reason behind every perfect steak and mouthwatering burger. Certified Angus Beef guarantees tenderness, juiciness and extreme satisfaction in every bite.

To experience the quality that certified Angus Beef has to offer, Chef Cacho whipped up some dishes for the guests to taste using tenderloin, rib eye, sirloin and shortribs. I was able to sample 3 fantastic dishes.Chef Cacho

Chef Cacho doing magic in the “kitchen”.

Beef Kebab

Beef KebabsBeef Kebabs

The colors are lovely and the meat is really soft and bursting with flavors from the seasoning, bellpeppers and caramelized onions.

Angus Beef Short Ribs
Angus Beef Short RibsAngus Beef Short Ribs

Cooked with herbs and light gravy. It’s got the right amount of fat that are rendered properly. The kind of fat that deliciously melts in your mouth. Oh! To die for!


Roast Beef

This picture doesn’t do justice to how flavorful, tender and juicy this beautiful piece of Angus beef is!

Chef Cacho gave us tips on how to properly handle your Angus Beef:

1. Keep the meat dry. 2. Cook in a very hot pan. 3. If the beef is frozen, defrost it a day before and place it in the refrigerator. 4. Cooking “well done” destroys the meat. It should be cooked medium-rare to medium only. 5. Once the meat is cooked, let it sit for about 3 minutes before serving.

When you use first class quality meat like certified Angus Beef, all you need are salt and pepper. Period.

Certified Angus Beef is available in selected SM Supermarket branches like Makati, Megamall A & B, Baguio and Naga.

So, if you are buying Angus beef, look for the Certified Angus Beef brand!


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