Tagaytay’s Puzzle Mansion

I used to go gaga over jigsaw puzzles during my freshman year back in college. I would usually buy 2 boxes of jigsaw puzzles containing 1,000 pieces each and would really try my darn best to finish everything in a week!

I remember finishing a 3,000-pieced puzzle in just 3 days with my late good friend Apple (may her soul rest in peace). When we were on our last few pieces, we noticed that we were missing a piece! Since we weren’t able to recover that sole part, we decided to buy a white cardboard. Then I meticulously fabricated a replacement piece – the exact same color it was supposed to be and cut it precisely. Yep, I was that addicted to jigsaw puzzles before. Too bad I wasn’t able to preserve all my finished puzzles…

I still do puzzles every now and then. Like this one that I bought and completed with the help of my kids.3D Eiffel Tower

3D Eiffel Tower

Assorted puzzle pieces

Assorted puzzle pieces

So, visiting The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay got me really excited like a kid all over again!

The Puzzle Mansion has been included in the Guiness World Records as the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles with 1,028 different sets.Puzzle

1.) Puzzle #292: Mother of Perpetual Help with 1,000 pieces and completed in 11 hours. 2.) Puzzle #903: PNoy with 285 pieces and completed in 3 hours. 3.) Puzzle #185: Marilyn Monroe with 500 pieces and completed in 10hours.


These assorted puzzles are just the regular ones in different sizes and designs.

3D and 4D Puzzles

3D and 4D Puzzles

1.) Puzzle #907: City of Paris (4D) with 1,100+ pieces and completed in 36 hours. 2.) Puzzle #720: St. Basil’s Cathedral (3D) was completed in 16 hours. 3.) Puzzle #683: St. Paul’s Cathedral (3D) was completed in 16 hours. 4.) Puzzle #933: Stained Glass (Ball) with 240 pieces and completed in 3 hours.

Another 3D puzzle that caught my eye was “The Watcher”. It seemed to be literally watching me when I looked at it!

Puzzle #308: The Watcher (3D) with 425 pieces and completed in 4 hours.

You can also buy puzzles at their souvenir shop.Puzzles for sale

The Puzzle Mansion does not only house Gina Gil-Lacuna’s vast collection of puzzles. They also have a selection of rooms and suites.

Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast
Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast

This property which is spread over more than one-hectare of land, is one of the new tourist destinations in Tagaytay. It also has a 400 square meter function room that can accommodate 400 guests. They also have an infinity pool, 24-hour cafe, LCD TVs in all rooms with cable TV connection and wifi hotspot for net activity. All these are set against a backdrop of grass and a colorful riot of wild flowers growing in abundance. And of course there’s the cool, kind weather of Tagaytay.


If you find it hard to go down (as it is kind of steep) coming from the parking area, you can opt to take the Puzzle Sarao jeep instead.Puzzle Sarao Jeep

Puzzle Sarao Jeep

After our day trip, we were served a delicious Coconut Creme Pie that can only be bought at The Puzzle Mansion.Coconut Creme Pie

Everyone knows that Tagaytay is also known for its Buko Pie. But this one is different. It’s smothered with a generous amount of cream with a light coconut taste that has just the right bit of sweetness. You can get a taste of this pie for only Php50.00 a slice or buy the whole pie for Php350 only. How I wish that Tagaytay was just minutes away from my place.

Photo courtesy of The Puzzle Mansion

Gone are the days when fresh air and fruits were the only reasons to go to Tagaytay or just to get a glimpse of beautiful Taal lake and its volcano. The “farthest nearest” destination from the metro offers a wide selection of different activities nowadays.

While your kids are still on vacation, visit The Puzzle Mansion. You will be amazed by the puzzle collection of Gina Gil-Lacuna – she actually gives the tour herself. Ms. Lacuna is a very bubbly woman that never runs out of stories to tell.

Entrance Fee: Php100.00

Contact Details:

Purok 4 Cuadra St.
Brgy. Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines
T: (+632) 661 0019
C: (+63905) 225 0229
E: [email protected]


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  1. i want to visit this place! we have a handful of completed framed puzzles at my parents place and in my old room. we used to do puzzles back in the day and it was truly a group effort (mom, dad, sis and sometimes even friends/cousins dropping by our house)

  2. i’m looking forward to see this place..its been a while since i went back home.. 🙂

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