Happy Birthday, Charlie!

I am surprised to know that there’s still quite a number of people who haven’t tried Chicken Charlie yet – considering how popular this fast-growing food chain has become. Oh boy, are you missing a lot!

Chicken Charlie introduced the first soy garlic double-fried chicken in the Philippines way back in 2010.  I learned about this establishment early 2011 and have been a loyal customer ever since. I never grow tired of eating their chicken.Back then, when Chicken Charlie was still starting out, they used to have this cute bone bin as well as ordinary paper plates.Bone Bin & Paper Plate

A lot has changed, albeit not drastically, in a span of 3 years. Chicken Charlie continues to re-invent the look of their store through the direction of their CEO, Mr. Ifore Yu and his wife, Jiselle Chua as the restaurant’s interior designer giving it a young and hip concept. Thus, making it more inviting for customers to dine-in.

Makati Avenue branch

Chicken Charlie, Makati Avenue branch.

3 years down the road, Chicken Charlie still creates quality, delicious yet very affordable food. According to CEO, Mr. Ifore Yu:Mr. Ifore Yu

“We would like to tell everyone that we are very affordable compared to other fast food chains.”

In a short span of time, Chicken Charlie has impressively expanded to a whopping 17 branches, with Greenfield, Mandaluyong being the latest addition and soon opening in San Lazaro, Manila.

To showcase Chicken Charlie’s selection of signature dishes during their anniversary launch, we were treated to a delicious variety of items from their menu.


A combination of their signature Soy Garlic and Hot Sweet Sauce chickens. Freshly cooked, non-greasy and indeed fried to perfection. My all time favorite!

6pcs – Php175.00
8pcs – Php230.00
10pcs – Php285.00
12pcs – Php339.00

4pcs – Php232.00
6pcs – Php345.00
8pcs – Php456.00

Charlie’s Signature Burger
Charlie's Signature Burger

Using soy garlic Charlie Chops, Greens and Mayonnaise that is satisfying and filling. A new way to enjoy my favorite soy garlic chicken. (Php145.00 with fries and drink)

Cheesestick Dynamites
Cheesestick Dynamites

Just the right level of hotness. Crispy on the outside and very cheesy inside.

5pcs – Php83.00
8pcs – Php119.00

French Fries

Fried just right. (Php39.00)

Chicken Charlie also partnered with Gawad Kalinga’s (GK) very own iced tea product called, Bayani Brew It is one great way of supporting the good folks of Gawad Kalinga and their noble and admirable mission of empowering people and eradicating poverty.Bayani Brew Iced Tea

This particular variant (they have 2 flavors) is made of lemongrass and pandan –  fragrant and cooling with a lightness to it. (Php45.00)

Oh by the way, since Chicken Charlie will be celebrating their 3rd year anniversary on April 20, they are bringing down the price of their famous wings and will be having an astounding P10.00 PER WING PROMO! This is available all day for dine-in at all branches nationwide! Yay!!! Don’t forget the date!Php10.00 per wing!

Here’s another amazing treat for all you Chicken Charlie and Apple lovers. This iPad Mini can be yours! Just click the links found below to find out how.Win an iPad Mini!

Via Facebook: Chicken Charlie Giveaway!

Via website: http://www.chickencharlie.com.ph/promos

All entries will be raffled on April 30 and the winner will be announced on May 1! Join now!

Happy Birthday, Charlie and congratulations! Continue to make everyone’s tummy happy!

To show you guys how much I love their chicken, here are 2 of my posts wayback 2011.

Fun Fact:
Did you ever wonder why the restaurant was named, “Chicken Charlie”?
Well, the food chain was named after Mr. Ifore Yu’s (Chicken Charlie CEO) father whose name is (you guessed it!)… “Charlie”!


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