Revisiting San Carlos City, Pangasinan!

After a 5-hour long roadtrip, 2 stopovers, 3 provinces, hundreds of carabaos and non-stop “Are we there yet?” questions from my kids, finally, we arrive in Pangasinan!Welcome to Pangasinan!

Touchdown Pangasinan! This was taken at Mangatarem, the first town in Pangasinan from Tarlac.

A golden field!

A golden field!

First timers!

Since it was my kids’ first time to be in Pangasinan, we just had to stop for a quick photo of them by the welcome sign!

Chuckie across the street!

Took Chuckie’s photo across the street after he took shots of the golden field! Not his first time in Pangasinan, but first time to be in my mom’s hometown and meet some of my relatives.

After 17 years, I am back in my mom’s hometown – San Carlos City, Pangasinan. And this time, with my family!St. Dominic Parish and Saint Charles Academy

St. Dominic Parish and Saint Charles Academy

I was surprised to see how developed San Carlos City is now! When I was there back in 1996, the only recreational commercial spot that I could go to was the public market. The market used to have everything there – from grocery items up to school supplies. I would usually order a bowl of Lugaw (“Binulbol” in Pangalatok) or Halo-Halo near my Lola’s one-stop shop and would even stroll along the Plaza on a sunny day to see kids fly their kites and eat dirty ice cream with their parents. Life was really simple in San Carlos City back then.

Now, fast food chains like McDonalds, Jollibee and Chowking are the places to go to. They now even have malls (albeit modest in size) that they can brag about – CSI Warehouse Club and Magic Mall. Finally!

After 17years, San Carlos City now has “decent” resorts and small player hotels that can accommodate tourists, one of which was a place where we stayed at – KVN Resort & Restaurant at Brgy. Mamarlao.KVN Resort & Restaurant

KVN Resort & Restaurant


Rooms overlooking the pool.

The room we stayed in for 2 days had A/C, TV with cable channels but only 2 channels were working at that time, hot and cold shower, complimentary soap & shampoo, tissue and towels.Our room - Room #3
Good for 2 persons
Breakfast Table
Toilet and Bath with hot and cold shower

They have swimming pools for adults (4 – 6ft deep) and for the little ones (3ft deep). The pool was just right in front of our room… about 5 steps away, making it really convenient for my kids to hit the water anytime they please.Swimming Pools

They also have Nipa Huts for those who avail of the resort’s day use of the swimming pool.Nipa Huts

It also serves as a breakfast area if you opt to eat “al fresco”.

This tent area beside the pool can be rented out for small gatherings. This is where we held my Lola’s birthday celebration.Tent Area

This was the very reason why we traveled to San Carlos City, to be with “Lola Mommy” who celebrated her 81st birthday!My family (mother side)!

Family members who were expected to arrive, made it to Lola’s birthday. My mom who was not able to join us as she is abroad, just Skype’d and Viber’d with us.

And oh! The management should look into investing insect and fly deterrents! Fly swatters and sticky paper aren’t enough, I tell you! Flies didn’t invade the place in bearable numbers. They came in swarms! Since the resort is in the middle of a vast rice field, flies were just everywhere! Don’t dare leave your room door open even for just a millisecond! The flies are fast as they are plenty!Rice Field

Rice fields as far as the eye can see…

There’s nothing fancy about this resort… but it did serve its purpose – to accommodate us.  No complaints for any person who has no expectations. So if you’re the picky type, might as well go look for a place to stay outside San Carlos City.


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  1. Hi! I'm planning to go on a vacation in SC and I'm looking for a place to stay. I'll be glad if you can send me KVN resort's contact no. In my email: [email protected]. Tnx!

  2. Hello, enjoyed reading your article. Just wondering what's your lola's last name.I came back to san carlos pangasinan after almost 30 years and as a senior citizen with my husband. All our chilldren opted to stay in California. This picture was my 1969 UST Chem Eng.graduation photo. Anyone can touch base with me [email protected] whoever needs assistance as a balikbayan. My maiden name is samson of rizal ave. here in san carlos. Mabuhay ka kabaleyan!

  3. Hi!

    I’m about to visit San Carlos, Pangasinan by next week. Me and my friends will be going in Brgy. Pangpang, my mother’s province. Just wanna ask if you have any additional pictures? Thanks! 🙂

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