Ayos sa Burgos!

5th stop of our Ilocos Norte adventure is Burgos!Burgos

SEE and DO:

There are 2 beautiful places that I want to see in Burgos – Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and Kapurpurawan Rock Formations.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse or Burgos Lighthouse was established during the Spanish Colonial period in our country. It was first designed by Magin Persin in 1887, finished by the Lighthouse Service under Guillermo Brockman and was first lit in 1892.Cape Bojeador

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos established during the Spanish Colonial times.

Cape Bojeador LighthouseThe Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is made of bricks with an octagonal tower topped with a bronze cupola that stands 65ft tall to illuminate the northwestern-most part of the Philippine Archipelago.

Sadly, we weren’t able to enter the lighthouse. It was padlocked and there were no guards or attendants around.
Cape Bojeador

Taken by the padlocked door to the lighthouse.

We roamed around the lower premises to take pictures instead. Look at what I saw…Vandalized Wall

A vandalized wall!!!

To think there is a sign by the gate upon entering!Simple Reminders

“Please do not vandalize this tourist spot. Others would want to have their pictures taken without your signatures at the back.”

Is it that hard to follow rules, kids? Sigh!



Tokens of remembrance for me to take home which I bought just before going up to the Lighthouse. Cold drinks are also being sold there.


Go on a weekday to avoid the crowd during weekdays. You’ll have the place all to yourself (like us!) which means better photo opportunities for you and your posse!

Before heading back to the city and since the next tourist spot was on the way, we decided to see the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

According to our guide, we can opt to ride a horse to go around the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation or we could just walk it. Being my “adventurous” self, I decided to go on foot.

We alighted the van and took the loooooong stairs going down.

We passed this winding road that seemed endless…The road leading to the rock formation.

Alas! The view of the West Philippine Sea and the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation! And I thought that was the end of it!West Philippine Sea and Kapurpurawan  Rock Formation

I should’ve worn my sneakers! LOL.

After walking a good long distance and getting sore feet, we finally reached the area that is closest to the actual rock formation! Too bad the part where we could’ve gone up to trek was cordoned off when we were there.Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, finally!

After that loooong and tiring walk + the scorching heat of the sun, finally… in front of us was the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation!

Another mandatory (LOL!) photo opportunity with the white limestone formation as our background!Lovebirds in Kapurpurawan

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation are rock formations created by forces of the ocean on the rocky coast of Burgos, located just a few minutes further from the lighthouse.

6th and last stop: PASUQUIN!

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