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I’m no fashion blogger nor do I participate in “OOTD” (outfit of the day) posts on Instagram. And if you know me well, you would also know that I hardly wear rubber shoes or sneakers – At 5’3″ (my two brothers are 6″ and over 5’7″ respectively), I am the smallest in my family. So, my preference for high-heeled shoes over flats and sneakers is probably due to the fact that I am somewhat “vertically challenged”!

As a matter of fact, I only own 2 pairs of sneakers. One of which is my white Chuck Taylors.
Classic white Chucks!

But as I grow older, being pressed for time and juggling between being a homemaker and making a career of my own gets more difficult… and wearing comfortable clothes and shoes becomes a necessity – especially when traveling or in search of good food. Converse has always been that one particular brand that comes to mind because of its durability, affordability and style!

Don’t take my word for it. Just think of how long Converse has been in the business. That alone says more than enough already.

For over 100 years worldwide and 30 years in the Philippines, Converse has reinvented itself. From classic designs…
…to a variety of chic styles that will best describe the woman of today.Colorful Chucks!

This summer, Converse answers that need by releasing the Chuck Taylor All-Star Ladies Line. Young ones and young once alike, can choose from these beautiful, colorful and funky selection of new designs.

Why settle for the usual when you can go for the unusual?

Sneaker wedges are in, especially when they come from a trusted brand such as Converse! Hi-Ness is cuteness!Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Ness

Shoreline is the perfect footwear for casual strolling – shore or street.Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline

Feeling “petite” like me? Try on the Platform to give you that extra inch! (My favooooorite!)Chuck Taylor All Star PlatformChuck Taylor All Star Platform

Remove your stilletos and put on these comfy and very Dainty Ballerinas!Chuck Taylor Dainty Ballerina

Slip-on these fiercely chic Gladiators!Chuck Taylor All Star Gladiator

To add more fun to your wardrobe, check out Converse’s wide selection of tops and shorts which you can easily mix and match to create that unique and stress-free get-up.Converse Apparel

To feel and experience this new collection, a shoot was arranged for us! These fun cool photos were taken and directed by Mike of iSnap Creatives Inc.Showin' off my All Star Platform

Showin’ off my All Star Platform!

An All Star day!

Watch out for the official photos to be released. You’ll see more of me, Sarah, Jackie, Ana and Tracy rockin’ our Chucks!

The Converse Ladies’ Line is available at Converse stores and outlets and all designs are at the flagship store in the New Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center, Makati.Converse Flagship Store

Twitter: @ConversePH


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