Uncompromising Safety

I grew up in a household with grandparents who took extra care of my health.  My lolo would always prevent me from eating anything that would be sold by vendors along the sidewalks of our neighborhood as well as the typical fishball and “scrambol” being sold outside the gate of my school.  As much as I wanted to indulge in these quick snacks, I understood how unusually prone I am to acquiring viruses and how easily I get sick.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been the type of kid who would always get sick and end up being hospitalized.  I’m not kidding.  It was sort of a running joke in the family, back when I was young, that the hospital was fast becoming my second home.

As I grew up, it was eventually ingrained into my consciousness that I can never be too careful when it comes to taking care of my health.

Even as an adult and now that I am married, I still maintain a heightened sense of safety because I am still susceptible to illnesses and health threats.  I have this certain fear that maybe this particular set of genes have been passed on to my children.  I certainly hope not.  But even though I haven’t seen any manifestations that they may have inherited my health difficulties, it would be best for everyone in the family, sickly or not, to take extra care.

Just a few years back, I was unfortunately struck with Amoebiasis – it was one of the worst feelings ever.  I cannot even begin to describe the suffering and pain I’ve gone through.  I would not wish it on anyone let alone my kids.

My husband has had Amoebiasis as well, back when he was still an infant.  And you know what they say… once you’ve had it, it never really goes away.  So again, extra care.  Extra extra care.  I cannot stress it enough.

With my kids, Ralph and Ella

As a mother and as a wife, I am very “hands-on”.  Call me “OC” (Obsessive Compulsive), if you will – I’d gladly accept it, if it means keeping my family safe and away from all kinds of danger.  I pull out all the stops and I never compromise when it comes to safety, I kid you not.  From the kinds of ingredients that are used to cook the dishes, to the kind of detergents and hygiene products my family uses, to the integrity of the locks and bolts that secure our main door, right down to the kind of water my family drinks – especially water.  Even our little puppy, Max, isn’t allowed to drink tap water.  I am always paranoid when it comes to the kind of water we drink.  And rightfully so.


Because a lot of diseases, viruses and germs thrive on water.  And if you don’t think it’s important to go that extra mile to ensure that the kind of drinking water your family takes is completely safe, then sooner or later you’re gonna be in for a rude awakening.

In everything that I do, especially when caring for my kids and husband, I make it a point to be thorough, leaving no room for error.

I guess you can liken my obsessive compulsiveness on safety to that of Wilkins’ dedication to ensure the highest quality and safe distilled drinking water.

What about you moms out there?  Do you agree that the well-being of your family can never be compromised?  Have you also experienced anything in the past (or maybe just recently), that has led you to become an uncompromising mother?  If so, I am inviting you to share your own stories the way that I have.

Here’s the deal.

In 400 words or less, write about how you give your family your utmost love and care.

You may include the challenges you faced, the lengths you’ve gone to, or the sacrifices and difficult choices you needed to make.

You can choose to write your own story in English, Tagalog, or even Tag-lish.

Submit your story to http://www.smartparenting.com.ph/wilkins.

Remember:  Only mothers aged 18 and above can submit their stories.

  • Writers of the five (5) selected stories for publication in magazine will each receive Php 5,000.00 cash and Php 5,000.00 worth of gift certificates for Wilkins products.
  • One (1) Grand Winner will have her story turned into a short film AND will receive Php 10,000.00 cash and P5,000.00 worth of gift certificates for Wilkins products.

Pretty cool, huh?

That short film could be your story.  Who knows, right?

The only way to find out is if you try.

You might even help women become better uncompromising mothers along the way.

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