“Breakfast at Antonio’s”

Antonio’s, Antonio’s Grill or Breakfast at Antonio’s are usually synonymous to good food.

Last Saturday, we went to Tagaytay with a group for some R&R.


We had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. As expected, the place was jam-packed… naturally, slow service is a bit expected due to the number of orders.  Although I was forgiving enough when it came to the considerable amount of time it took for my order to arrive, I did not expect my dish to be of very poor quality unbecoming of Antonio’s.

For a Breakfast Steak priced at Php 950.00, this was a disaster!


The beef was overcooked giving it an awfully gummy texture.  How gummy and how poor, you ask?  Think of all those 99 peso low-budget steakhouses around the metro – it was that poor.  Yes, it was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, no doubt about that.  But I didn’t come for the seasoning.  To add to my misery, the sunny side-up egg that came with it was very dry and not runny the way it’s supposed to be prepared.  I tell you, my kids can make a much better sunny side-up egg than that!

For 950.00, you’d expect the cook (or chef for that matter) to be more attentive and ultimately REDO an inferior preparation.  Having a ton of backlogged orders is NEVER an excuse, more so in an establishment that charges an arm and a leg for every dish.

Some of you may be asking why I didn’t complain right there and then.  I kept mum about it because that particular lunch was given to us as a treat and I didn’t want to cause a scene.  But nevertheless, even if I did not pay for my lunch that day, Breakfast at Antonio’s “Breakfast Steak” was a complete waste of quality ingredients and money.


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  1. Hi Yen! Onga, kaka-disappoint ‘yung food 🙁 Not to mention that it took me forever to get my fruit shake! Naempacho tuloy ako as I kept on gulping water while waiting for the shake. And I was too full when it arrived. Sayag naman if I don’t drink it!

    1. Sayang diba… Antonio’s pa man din. 🙁

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