“Weekend Getaway”: Travel Mission #3 – TUBA! (Part 5)

(To read part 4, click here.)

3rd Travel Mission: To collect Tuba or coconut sap and to defeat Alvin – the “Mangangarit King”.

Our 3rd and last travel mission was to defeat the Mangangarit KingKuya Alvin, in collecting Tuba or coconut sap by climbing from one coconut tree to another and to pour the collected tuba from the container into a pail.


This is Alvin or better known as the Mangangarit King of San Juan, Batangas.


Those containers up there are used to collect the coconut sap.


These coconut trees that stand about 18-20ft high with bamboo scaffolding spanning one tree to another are where Chuckie and Kuya Alvin will collect the tuba.

Unlike the previous travel missions, there is no time limit for this particular one. Instead, whoever gets to finish filling-up the pail first wins. Since Chuckie and I are not professional “mangangarits”, we were tasked to only fill up the pail halfway while Kuya Alvin’s pail needs to be completely full. I also get to assist my husband so he doesn’t have to go up and down the coconut trees anymore. Kuya Alvin on the other hand, will have to do this task all by himself! It may seem unfair but don’t be fooled. This task, when done by a non-expert is absolutely difficult. Just like any sport, a more experienced opponent is given a handicap to even up the challenge.

And off they go climbing the trees!


Look how difficult it is for Chuckie! FYI: He has fear of heights!


Meanwhile, below the towering trees, I am in charge of filling up our pail with coconut sap.


Kuya Alvin made his task seem like a walk in the park! Effortless.






After several minutes, this is what Kuya Alvin’s pail looked like.


And this was ours.


In the end, we were announced the winners defeating the Mangangarit King – Kuya Alvin! Yay!


Travel Mission #3… ACCOMPLISHED!

Check out the video on the 4:23 mark!

To be continued…


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