“Weekend Getaway”: Travel Mission #2 – Kungo Hunting! (Part 4)

(To read part 3, click here.)

2nd Travel Mission: To Kungo hunt in the bakawan or mangroves!



A Kungo is a crab that is a bit bigger than a talangka but smaller than an alimasag and can only be caught in its natural habitat – the mangroves.


We were brought to the bakawan to catch 10 pieces of Kungo in 20minutes using one hand wearing a kitchen mitten. If you are daring enough, you can also use your other hand (Sorry! No mitten for that, though!). Neither of us wanted to do that. LOL. Before alighting the vehicle, we were adviced to wear a pair of boots to protect our feet from the tree branches and exposed roots on the ground.




This is me heading to the bakawan. Move away, Angelina Jolie! 😉

I thought catching Kungo would be a lot easier since we used a kitchen mitten. Perhaps. But they made it harder by scattering the Kungo all over the bakawan, giving the Kungos time to hide under the branches and rocks. I scoured the right side of the bakawan while my husband searched the left area. I luckily caught 4 Kungos in a span of merely 4 seconds. But halfway through, some Kungos were able to hide underneath the sand. One feisty Kungo was really hard to get – it had its claws wide open ready to attack me! Hahaha!

This travel mission was quite difficult to finish as it was hard to see the Kungo in the bakawan. Their colors blended well with the dark sand and tree branches.

But with determination, we were able to catch all 10 Kungos with ample time to spare! Yehey!

Travel Mission #2… ACCOMPLISHED!


Watch the video below on the 5:16 mark.

To be continued…


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