“Weekend Getaway”: Travel Mission #1 – Goto Batangas! (Part 3)

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If you’ve been following my Weekend Getaway posts, (parts 1 and 2), you already know by now that me and my husband Chuckie were their “Weekend Warriors” for Dec. 15, 2012 episode.

“Weekend Warriors” are supposed to complete 3 Travel Missions to be able to win the additional shopping reward worth Php20,000.00. We were given three (3) Travel Missions – two of which were “Warriors vs. Time” challenges and one “Warriors vs. Expert” task.

1st Travel Mission: We were taken to a public market to eat the famous Goto Batangas.


Who would have thought that eating goto would be so hard! Why, you ask? Because this Batangas specialty is not your typical goto with rice and thick broth. Goto Batangas consists of spicy soup with lots of innards.


To top it off, we were only given 15minutes to finish the entire task – from roaming the market to eating! Goodness!

My husband and I decided to split ways and divide our task in looking for the vendor/stall in-charge of our ingredients to save time. Since my husband is not quite familiar with a pig’s innards, he looked for the “Pampalasa” ingredients instead.


I, on the otherhand, looked for the “Lamang Loob” ingredients.


I left him momentarily and went insinde the market to start looking for my “vendor”.


When I came back after a few minutes, my husband was still trying to collect the ingredients.


Apparently, he was still lacking 1 red chili! We had to ask for help from the stall beside us to be able to finish this task. Good thing the vendor was kind enough to give us 1 free chili! 😊

Once we had collected all the ingredients, we ran back to the eatery to present our stash! As soon as everything was checked and accounted for, the difficult challenge of finishing a heaping bowl (each) of Goto Batangas was up!



I tell you, I love “lamang loob” and have no qualms eating it… but finishing a bowl that actually has enough goto to make up 3 servings is unbelievable! Not to mention that this dish is filled with raw onions! Naman!

With a few minutes to spare, our Travel Mission #1… ACCOMPLISHED!



Watch the clip below and together let’s be amused by our quirky “difficulties”. 😉

To be continued…


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