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My kids still enjoy playing arcade games. In fact, my husband and I love it too. It’s a wonderful way to destress… just be careful not to let your budget go overboard when reloading your card. You can sometimes get carried away because of all the fun you’re having. LOL!

On a typical “family day” – usually on a Sunday, we would normally find ourselves playing at least one round each at a gaming arcade in the mall nearest us. We would each have our own reloaded cards.

A few weeks ago, we took our kids to Newport Mall at Resorts World to play at their very own arcade called, “Game Zoo”. This establishment opened in May of this year but it was only just recently that we were able to check out the place.


Game Zoo over 50 game/amusement stations…



A mini wall-climbing area…


I fondly call this the “Ice Cream Machine”… This was where we used up most of our load.


Giant Fruit Ninja and Angry Crazy Birds – this was where I spent most of my time.



They have games that accommodate 2 or more players, too.


There are several games for the li’l ones as well, like Kiddie Softplay…


And stuffed-toy-grabbing machines.


Of course, one of our favorite games – Air Hockey!


This 6D Ex-Terra Adventure which we were not able to try out has left me curious. I wonder what exactly those 6 elements are that comprise a 6D experience? Hmmm…


Good thing there’s a restroom on the 2nd floor – no need to go out when you need to “go” (get it?).


But what sets Game Zoo apart from other gaming arcades is its very spacious interior design. I appreciate how the entire area isn’t crowded. My kids don’t have to wait long spells to be able to enjoy the games they want to play.


They also have an elevator for PWDs, the elderly, pregnant moms and babies on stroller.


With a minimum amount of Php100, you can easily reload your card – the Php50.00 additional card charge is refundable upon surrender of your game card and presentation of receipt.


Contact Details:

4th Level Resorts World Manila
Newport Mall, Pasay City
T: 836 6333


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