Ensogo is Now LivingSocial!

Ensogo – LivingSocial, the country’s number-one social commerce site, recently completed its transition to “LivingSocial Philippines“, assuming the name of its parent organisation out of Washington D.C.

The change is part of a rebranding strategy to further strengthen the company’s position as a leading player in the social commerce industry while continuing to surprise and delight the local community.

Worldwide, the LivingSocial brand has helped more than 70 million members worldwide discover valuable local experiences. In the Philippines, LivingSocial has sold over 1.6million vouchers and has more than 1.8 million subscribers and growing.

The change also comes with the launch of a new look of its official site, www.livingsocial.com.ph. The new website is equally user-friendly but also features a wider format of high-quality photos, with a page dedicated to top-selling deals.

“We have made the transition as easy as we possibly could,” said LivingSocial-Philippines Managing Director Jojo Añonuevo. “Our members may still log-in with their existing account information, receive daily updates, and enjoy the user-friendly site format that they know and trust.”

In addition to the name change and new website layout, LivingSocial Philippines has recently unveiled a new redemption arrangement for deals, cutting out the wait-time for customers and merchants alike.

“The transition to LivingSocial, together with the launch of our new website are indicative of more new and exciting things to come for our members.” Añonuevo enthused. “While continuing to share great local deals, we have also updated the user experience to include redemption of certain offerings within twenty-four hours.”

In partnership with Zodio, a location-based social business search and review mobile application, members need only to present their smartphones showing their electronic paid vouchers at the establishment offering the deal. Mendez Medical Group, a wellness centre operated by Dr. Joel Mendez with sixteen branches nationwide, is just one of the merchant-partners that has availed of this new and improved delivery system.

“LivingSocial is constantly finding new ways to make the customer journey as easy and efficient as possible,” said Añonuevo. “With the new mobile redemption, our members get what they want, when they want it.”

To know more about LivingSocial Philippines and the latest offerings on great local deals, log on to http://www.livingsocial.com.ph today!

About LivingSocial:

LivingSocial is the online source for discovering valuable local experiences. Inspiring members to find, share, and enjoy the best of their neighborhoods by connecting them with handpicked local businesses via new and diverse offerings each day.

LivingSocial also helps great local businesses grow by introducing them to high-quality new customers, and giving merchants the tools to make LivingSocial members their regulars.

Based in Washington DC, LivingSocial operates across six continents. Apart from the Philippines, LivingSocial presence in Asia includes Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


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