Aling Kika’s Food Products

If you are in Cainta, make sure to drop by Aling Kika’s Food Products along A. Bonifacio Ave. (just a few minutes away from Junction intersection along Felix Ave) and buy their native kakanin.
Map to Aling Kika's Food ProductsActually, it was initially only my Tita Elvie who really enjoyed their products, then I learned of the place from her and eventually developed a liking for it.


“Aling Kika’s” is known for their Bibingka that interestingly looks more like Biko.


This is the Bibingka I’m talking about. For its size, it only costs Php120.00. I am a sucker when it comes to coconuts. Any dish, any food, so long as it’s got coconut, is heaven to me. My tita bought several boxes of freshly cooked bibingka the last time we dropped by.

Me with my Tita Elvie. Behind the counter you can see bottles of Coco Jam as well. You can buy it in 3 different sizes: Php60.00 / Php100.00 / Php110.00. Violet ba ang color of the day? LOL!


Also bought a few orders of Leche Flan and Ube at Php60.00 each.


A panoramic shot of “Aling Kika’s” store.


I took a shot of their (then open) kitchen too.


Good thing we were spending the afternoon at our Cainta house during that Sunday. Had we not been that close to the area, especially on a weekday, we probably wouldn’t have braved the traffic going to “Aling Kika’s”.

As soon as we got home, I immediately opened a box and devoured my Bibingka! The taste is definitely as good as it looks! Not too sweet, not overly sticky and very filling!


Contact Details:

101 A. Bonifacio Ave, Cainta Rizal
T: 655 0029


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  1. hi Ms. Aileen:) naku you made me crave for bibingka!!! the last time i had their bibingka was over a year ago…and i can still remember how yummy it was;)!!!!

  2. ang cute mo naman Ms. Aileen

  3. Love the taste of Bibingka!

    1. Fealy Martinez says: Reply

      Meron po ba kayo celphone number n pwd makontak for any queries? Thanks!

  4. love at first bite ako here, one day Aling Kika, here i come

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