In my 36 years of existence, life has not been always a bed of roses but it has been good to me. I’m living an awesome and colorful life – been happy and sad, laughed and cried, been sane and (sometimes) gone insane. I’ve tasted the highs and lows of life… and well, you get the idea. I couldn’t ask for anything more ’cause that would make me selfish. I am living a modest yet comfortable life with a very loving and supportive husband, 2 great and adorable kids, an amazing dad, a loving mom, a doting stepmom, crazy brothers and a cool father-in-law plus relatives and real friends whom I love just as much. And I guess that’s all that matters.

I’ve listed several birthday wishes. But these 3 top my list:
1.) I wish for a great year ahead.
2.) I wish for blessings galore so I can be a channel of blessings to others.
3.) I wish for good health for my family.

Simple wishes. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s the simple things that matter in the end. The things we usually take for granted.

Lord, thank you for another beautiful year added in my life. Another year spent with family and friends. And another year ahead filled with wonderful opportunities to receive Your blessings and to be able to be used by You to bless others back.

I’m excited for what this year has to offer me. Bring it!

Thank you to everyone who have sent their greetings via sms, bbm, facebook, twitter and calls. I am overwhelmed! Truly a day of happiness and celebration.


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