Our nanny’s relatives arrived from Pagadian a few weeks ago. They brought this native fruit called Biyasong. I thought it was guava when I first saw it.

Our nanny normally uses calamansi to cook “Talbos ng Kamote”. But this time around, she used this instead.

Biyasong tastes quite similar to the common calamansi but not as sour nor as tangy. Amusingly, it gives off a familiar taste yet presents a unique flavor all its own. Biyasong also has pulps like lime (or orange). The smell of this fruit reminds me of Tequila, by the way.

Biyasong can also be used for Kinilaw (soaking fish/seafood in vinegar solution) or similar to a Ceviche.

“Biyasong” or local lime



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