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What is Infinity Tutorial Services or I.T.S.?

Infinity Tutorial Services (I.T.S.) is committed to developing the kids of today into the global citizens of tomorrow. I.T.S. experienced tutors, along with a teaching methodology that makes use of state of the art technology, will mold and sharpen these young minds so that they not only retain information transmitted to them in the classroom but also understand this information, thus enabling them to make important decisions in critical situations. This ability will transform them into Global Citizens and give them that competitive edge.

Why choose I.T.S. over other tutorial centers out there?

At I.T.S., you will get the “THE I.T.S. EXPERIENCE”:
Our three-step learning methodology. We build on our student’s knowledge and enable them to reach for the stars.

Our use of state of the art of technology. We encourage our students to be tech savvy by exposing them to the tools of the future.

Our 12-student classes. Our classes are composed of a maximum of 12 students. This allows us to focus on the needs of our students.

Our 360 feedback. Through state of the art technology, we enable parents to view their children’s classes on line via video feed. This keeps them informed and involved in their children’s education wherever they are.


A sneak peek of what’s inside I.T.S.



Hallway going to the rooms.


Water Room


Earth Room



Solar System Room


Computer Room


Ballet Room


• Classrooms are equipped with Samsung Smart TVs (3D). Students are allowed to use Wii and Kinect after school tutorial sessions. They also have a green area where students can freely express their feelings. •

Last August, my family (except for my son who was injured and couldn’t join us) were invited to Infinity Tutorial Services’ first ever “Family Day”. It was a day filled with learning, games, fun and bonding. Photos below were taken during the family day.





And because my daughter was inspired by the performances of Teacher Chuckie and a few selected ballerinas, she has finally decided to take ballet class. You just don’t know how happy I was when she told me about this. I’ve been convincing her for the longest time. Finally!

So, we decided to bring her back last Thursday, together with her brother for ballet and violin classes respectively.

Our son has been telling us about his growing interest in the violin for some time now. Never in my wildest imagination have I thought that he would grow fond of such an instrument knowing he’s more inclined to listening to loud, pop music. Besides, no one in our family (as far as I know) plays the violin.

Isabella (in an all black ensemble) during her ballet class.


Ralph’s one on one violin class.


My kids had a great time! Props to Teachers Chuckie (ballet) and Aya (violin) for being so patient and very dedicated. It also helped that the number of students for each class is kept at a bare minimum. This makes the teaching environment condusive for optimum learning.

Infinity Tutorial Services (I.T.S.) also offers Adult Ballet, Hip-Hop, Zumba and Taekwondo for parents and the young “once”. You’re never too old to learn something new, don’t you think? We all need to maintain healthy minds, bodies and souls. Enroll yourselves and have fun!

What I like about I.T.S. is that the entire center is clean, relaxing and crowd-free! And if you’re going to use the public comfort rooms (the bldg provides 2 comfort rooms per floor – male & female), they provide you with tissue and foam wash found on the table near the main door.

For someone like me who’s always on the look-out for good food, I like that I.T.S. is very close to restaurants. I can actually leave my kids while they do their activities and go down to get a quick bite or do short errands in nearby establishments.

Our experience with I.T.S. has been absolutely positive. I hope it continues to be that way.

Infinity Tutorial Services is situated right smack on the corner of 32nd and 7th near Starbucks, S&R and St. Luke’s Medical Center at The Fort. Very convenient.

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To know more about Infinity Tutorial Services (I.T.S.), click here and here.

Contact Details

Unit 1003-1006, Trade and Finance Tower, 7th Avenue Corner 32nd Street, The Fort, Taguig
T: 6214181 / 4785957
C: 09228785919 / 09178005046
E: [email protected]


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