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Last Tuesday, me and my husband were invited to a very intimate launch of a new “Buying Cooperative” company called LOCALROAM at the Raja Ballroom of The Legend Villas.


Localroam is a unique way to “shop, save and share”. It offers prepaid vouchers with huge discounts on products and services that range from travel packages to health and wellness treatments. The Philippine’s first Buying Coop concept and perhaps also the first of its kind in the world.


These prepaid offers are always available. So, you only buy what you need, when you need it.

Payments for these prepaid vouchers may be conveniently made through BPI Express Online 24/7 and for BPI Bills Payment customers (over-the-counter service).


In this day and age wherein online shopping has started to become a common thing in every household especially with individuals who have credit cards on hand, we know very well the temptation of “plastic” which draws us to go on shopping sprees via group buying sites and, more often than not, ending up in deep debt. Not with LOCALROAM!

To give you an idea of what LOCALROAM is…

A NEW social innovation: The Buying Coop

– Building on the power of loyalty to forge strong relationships
– A loyalty program for BPI customers & select merchants (also buyers)
– Aggregate or Pool buying around loyal companies
– Rewards customer loyalty by offering better prices

Loyal customers are not treated the same

Longer relationships = needs understood better and met

– Offers are always available

Benefits of COOP Buying:

– Loyalty means a stronger relationship between consumers and companies (not brands)
– For consumers, lower prices
– For business, lower costs
– Greater understanding of needs = needs met
– Ultimately, both have the power to do more

For someone who loves to travel (like me), these hotel promos will give me more bang for my buck!

Astoria Boracay


The Legend Villas


The Mabuhay Manor


Other Merchant Partners:

The Generics Pharmacy


Clinica Manila


Seaoil, will be offering prepaid discounted vouchers that automatically gives buyers 5% off on Seaoil gasoline products for a minimum purchase of P1,500. Vouchers are available in P500 denominations through Localroam. Aimed at helping motorists counter the rising fuel costs, 45 Seaoil stations in Metro Manila are participating in the offer.


Far Eastern Travel Agency




(L-R) Barbie Pastoral, Comm. Mgr.; Phillip Pastoral, CEO for Localroam; Patrick Zulueta, Brand Mgr. for BPI Express Online & Express Phone & Jake Alejo, Brand Mgr. for BPI Express Mobile & Bills Payment

LOCALROAM and Merchant Partners:


(Front Row L-R): Barbie Pastoral, Localroam Comm. Mgr.; Olivia Dyoco, Sr. Sales Mgr. for The Legend Villas; Irish Acosta, Merchant & Mktg. Mgr. for Clinic Manila Pasig; Phillip Pastoral, CEO for Localroam; Gretchen Veran, Prod. Specialist for FETA; Clarissa Tindugan, Sales Acct. Mgr. for Astoria Boracay; Wilma Esquejo, Sales & Mktg. Mgr for The Mabuhay Manor

‎(2nd Row L-R): Robert Osorio, Mktg. Comm. Supv. and Alexis Torres, Fuels Brand Supv. for Seaoil; Joven Mateo, Finance Mgr. for Clinica Manila Pasig; Oliver Sison, Gen. Mgr. for FETA; Jomar Racelis, PR & Mktg. Comm. Officer for Astoria Boracay

Localroam will slowly be increasing their number of merchant partners soon. So, watch for it!


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  1. seems like a good deal. good thing i’m with BPI 🙂

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