Robinsons Magnolia and Adobo Connection

A month after this establishment opened, my family and I finally got to check out the new Robinsons Magnolia along Aurora Blvd. Corner Hemady Ave. in Quezon City. Why, you may ask, is this mall called Robinsons “Magnolia”. Well, simply because this area is exactly where the old Magnolia Ice Cream House (a very popular fixture in the vicinity) once stood.

Though the new place doesn’t have any resemblance of the old establishment, stepping into Robinsons Magnolia and being in the very area where a ton of my childhood memories were created was somewhat nostalgic. This was where my cousin and I bought our first Ice Cream Cake – boxed with lots of dry ice.

Alas, the old must make way for the new – Magnolia Ice Cream House is no more and the entire lot has transformed into this!

This very young mall features a department store, supermarket, boutiques, digital cinemas, food court with open kitchens and a huge parking space.

Speaking of parking spaces, this particular mall has really cool infrared sensors mounted on the ceiling of every single parking slot.

The device senses if a vehicle is parked underneath it. If the sensor detects something blocking its infrared-powered “eye”, it assumes that the slot is occupied and turns on a red light. On the other hand, if it senses nothing beneath it, it displays a green light signifying to motorists that a parking slot is available. That way, drivers can avoid the stress of going round and round searching for a place to park their vehicles.

Check out how this device works by watching me play with the parking slot’s detector.

Anyways, heading to Robinsons Magnolia on a Sunday was a wrong move as it was jam-packed! We were supposed to have dinner at Yabu but the long queue was discouraging!

I thought of eating at Pepper Lunch but to my dismay, the line was even longer than Yabu’s!

After checking out the other food stalls, we ended up at Big Better Burger for my husband and kids. And because of my husband’s recent PopTalk TV guesting, it was Adobo Connection for me and my father-in-law.

My father-in-law ordered Adobo Flakes with Kanin All You Can for Php99.00. According to him, the flakes could’ve used a little more salt and vinegar to enhance the flavor more.

While I on the other hand, tried their Pork Adobo Flakes. I was shocked that for onlyPhp49.00, it came with 2 cups of rice! For someone with a small appetite, like me, it was more than enough! The rice alone was very tasteful. The vinegar was very evident and evenly distributed. Just a reminder though, do not attempt to eat the flakes separately as the Adobo Flakes wouldn’t stand alone.

We also tried their Fried Adobo Pao (3 pcs) for Php49.00. This dish is deep fried but the taste or feel of the oil is (thankfully) untraceable. Fried Adobo Pao is made of a soft and sweet bun filled with shredded Adobo. Perfect for a quick bite! I had an extra order for take home,too!

And Leche Flan for dessert at Php39.00.

Adobo Connection is perfect for students or the “budget conscious”. Not bad, but not spectacular either.

It was a fair dinner. A fair family trip to the establishment as well.

So, for those who have not seen the huge mall, or the balikbayans who will be spending their holidays in Manila, check out the new Robinsons Magnolia.


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  1. looks like you had a lot of fun with the parking sensor…wish all malls have that, goodness knows how much it will help 🙂

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