Manila’s Finest Eats 2012 by Ensogo – Living Social

Ensogo – Living Social is a company that offers amazing deals and discounts on various items and services ranging from food, travel destinations to lifestyle products.

Just last August 4, 2012, Ensogo – Living Social launched Manila’s Finest Eats 2012 at the Market! Market! Activity Center.

Ribbon Cutting during the event

The stage is set

When I arrived at the Market! Market! Activity Center a little past 11:30am, quite a number of people were already lined up at the registration booth to sign up and to receive their re-usable bags with treats. Traditional and New Media personalities alike were invited to grace the event as well as Ensogo – Living Social’s avid supporters.

A view of "Manila's Finest Eats" event from the second level of Market! Market!

I joyfully went around the activity center to check out the food stalls participating in the event. Here are some of those who joined the festive, tummy-filling activities as well as a few yummy treats I enjoyed:

Hecky’s Lechon, that takes pride in their oven-baked, less fat, organic suckling pig. They gave samples of their tasty Cebu style lechon to the attendees who waited in line just to have a taste.

Hecky's Lechon

Garlic Sotanghon from Reyes Barbecue

Reyes Barbecue

Sample desserts from Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe treats!

Cream Cheese from Swiss Valley

Swiss Valley cream cheese!

White and Milk Chocolates from Beryl’s Gourmet

Beryl's Gourmet

Assorted Gap Biscuit Sticks and Time Wafers

Assorted Gap Biscuit Sticks and Time Wafers

Pizza slices from Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni

And to entertain the young ones and young once alike, a very colorful and exciting dance number was prepared by Enchanted Kingdom.

Enchanted Kingdom performers

I enjoyed sampling the edible treats as I hopped from one booth to the other. A fun-filled day of gastronomical proportions! I am most definitely looking forward to the next!

Thank you Ensogo – Living Social for the invitation and for a whole box of Nestle Crunch which I’m sure my hubby and kids will also enjoy!

A whole box of Nestle Crunch! Thank you Ensogo - Living Social! :)

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  1. wow! i would have loved to experience this as well…i am so jealous (in a good way) of your food adventures, TummyTraveler. Keep them coming!

    1. Thank you for reading my posts,Adelle!

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