Back in the 90’s, Whistlestop was one of the places to be. An awesome place to hang out in – either for early morning breakfasts, late night hang-outs with friends or just to have something to help ease beerbuzz of overdrinking from the bar nearby.


Whistlestop – Libis was my branch of choice until it eventually closed down. I recall going to their old Jupiter, Makati branch for a time just to get my breakfast fix. Beef Tapa was the bomb!

Years after, it seemed that Whistlestop went under the radar and non-existent while other 24/7 foodstops started popping up. And just like that, old legends become vague (albeit pleasant) memories.

A few weeks ago, while traversing Jupiter St., Makati with my hubby, to our pleasant surprise we chanced upon a Whistlestop restaurant! Our old hangout and 90s staple hasn’t disappeared after all – just not as visible as it used to be.

Naturally, we just had to go in and reminisce for old times sake.

We looked at their menu and saw the same dishes offered from way back then. Cool! Very nostalgic.


My husband used to eat their corned beef hash served like a burger patty. And yes, you guessed it – it’s still here (with the same name) – Morning Lightweight: medium corned beef hash, 1 fried egg, garlic rice, sliced tomatoes at Php165.00.


No need to ask my husband if it tasted the same. He looked at me and smiled that content smile! It was immediately understood.

I likewise ordered what I used to eat – Tapa with fried egg, garlic rice, wheat bread, sliced tomatoes, coffee or tea at Php250.00.


Delicious memories indeed. It’s the same sweet tapa that I used to enjoy eating! They used to serve it with white bread. I was so excited with the food that I actually forgot to claim my free coffee!

While eating, we noticed that the restaurant interiors actually mimicked the inside of an old train as well as a train station. It gave the place a somewhat Harry Potter-ish ambiance, if you catch my drift.


Old wall clock.


Luggage rack.




Coat hanger.


Even an old typewriter.


If you’re wondering what ever happened to the other Whistlestop branches or who the owners now are, read this short literature entitled, “An Insomniac’s Tale”, which is printed at the back of the menu.


I can now eat my favorite comfort food anytime of the day again. Oh, happy days!

A huge chunk of my memories have been relived and fresh ones to be borne out of the rediscovery of this new old establishment. Not just memories built with friends like before, but with my very own family as well.

It’s good to see you again, old friend. Oh, how I’ve missed you.

Address: 28 Jupiter St. Bel-Air, Makati City
T: 896 1989


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  1. The food looks amazing and judging from your happiness when you found it, I’m sure it tastes amazing as well! Thank you for sharing!

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