I want to be the Blogger AmbassadOREO!

I don’t like chocolate snacks but I adore Oreo. Does that make sense? I guess some things can never be explained. It’s just one of life’s greatest mysteries… Haha!

Anyways, since we are on the topic of Oreo… I’d like to share with all my tummy travelers that I was recently invited to a lunch meeting at Friday’s – Glorietta hosted by OREO-Philippines to discuss Oreo’s 100th Birthday Celebration.

Right up my alley not just because of its relation to food but also because (like I said) Oreo has always been a childhood favorite of mine.

Was there any doubt that I’d attend the luncheon? Nevah! So off I went to meet up with the good folks of Oreo.


Upon arrival at the venue, I asked the TGIF staff to lead me to the designated area where our luncheon was to be held at. I was surprised to see just 1 table reserved for Oreo! Mr. Nicky Tesoro (Agents Int’l. Inc. Media Relations Manager) welcomed me and informed me that there were only 7 of us who will be having lunch.

Nicky Tesoro - Agents Int'l. Inc. Media Relations Manager

It was also a pleasant surprise to eventually discover that I was one of only 3 bloggers invited to this event! Such an honor to be included if you ask me.

We were joined by Ms. Rina Pizarro (Oreo Senior Brand Manager), Mr. Nano Betita (Oreo Asst. Brand Manager) and Mr. BJ David (Agents Int’l. Inc. Art Director).

You may have probably read a recent blog entry I posted days ago about how YOU can Be An AmbassadOREO (Have you joined already?). – this was one of the main topics discussed during our luncheon event.

But that wasn’t all…

There was another aspect of this AmbassadOREO campaign which really got me giddy and fired up!

It was revealed to us that OREO will be selecting ONE among us three bloggers whom they will name, “Blogger AmbassadOREO”! The Blogger AmbassadOREO will be accompanying the official AmbassadOREO family during their trip abroad! OMG! Travel and OREO! Perfect for me! I’m not called the “Tummy Traveler” for nothing, y’know… w00t!

If I were to be chosen as “Blogger AmbassadOREO”, I will be tasked to travel with the AmbassadOREO Family and to document their wonderful experience in New York City during OREO’s 100th Birthday celebration!!!

Yes, New York… the “Big Apple”, no less! And all this will take place within the year! I’ve got a one in three chance of winning this awesome prize!

Slap me silly! I’m still giddy and whirling like a little kid!

(sings) “New York, New York… If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…”

Oh wait! I haven’t told you yet what it takes to win this prize and actually “make it there”

I need to collect 100 happy, memorable or cute Oreo moments! Photos that capture the essence of love, fun, togetherness as well as childlike innocence and silliness. 100 captured moments, eh? Based on my computation that would be hmmm… That would be approximately 14 captured OREO moments per day starting from our meeting last week up until this Friday (tomorrow)! I have already started my compilation with the help of family and awesome friends as well as acquaintances.

Wish me luck, folks!

Ok… back to lunch!

During the course of the presentation, we were served different appetizers.

First up – Nachos!
Though I am not a heavy eater, this dish is really filling even for the average apetite – crisp tortilla chips smothered with cheese sauce, meat with fresh salsa. Spot on. Classic Friday’s for sure!

Next… an assorted platter of calamari, shrimps, french fries and chicken strips served with sour cream, bleu cheese and salsa. Everything was freshly cooked and tasted wonderfully. There could’ve been more space in my tummy had I controlled the urge to have brunch before the luncheon. My bad!

My all-time favorite – Buffalo Wings! Oh, how I love their chicken wings, marinated in their delicious spicy sauce. The flavor is evenly spread – every part of the wing was just a tangy spicy wonderland.

Tada! Bacon Cheeseburger for our main course! Yes, if you thought those previous rounds of dishes were it, you’re dead wrong. This huge juicy burger was the main entree. Oh my, I almost died! After having all those amazing appetizers, I was kinda wondering how (and if) I could fit this mound of yumminess inside my tummy?! A burger looking this good should not be ignored… I will endure! LOL!

I wasn’t even half-way through my burger when the star of the entire course was served – Oreo Mud Pie! I literally shoved my plate aside to prepare this mound of awesome happiness! I hurriedly took a photo of it before it started melting and before we stick our forks in! It had vanilla ice cream (another favorite) with caramel sauce topped with crushed Oreo cookies. Divine! Too bad I can’t take it home!

I was happily overwhelmed and satisfied! *burp!*

Before saying our goodbyes, we had a fun photo op together with our centennial birthday celebrant – OREO! Yay!

The bloggers: Richie Zamora, yours truly and Anton Diaz with (L-R) BJ David, Rina Pizarro, Nano Betita. Not in the picture is Nicky Tesoro as he was our photographer.

The bloggers: Richie Zamora, yours truly and Anton Diaz with (L-R) BJ David, Rina Pizarro, Nano Betita. Not in the picture is Nicky Tesoro as he was our photographer.

I went home not just with a ton of food in my stomach but a heavy stash of goodies in tow!

This red reusable bag was filled with…

…OREO goodies!

Thank you to the wonderful people of OREO and Agents Int’l, Inc.

The search for the AmbassadOREO family and Blogger AmbassadOREO has begun. Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow (July 27, 2012) to see the Oreo Moments I have collected.

Oh, and by the way… Happy 100th Birthday OREO!


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  1. wish you all the luck! i hope you win…

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  3. […] “What is an AmbassadOREO anyway?”, you can check out my wife’s travel blog entry to know about it in detail.  Basically, my wife and 2 other bloggers (Anton Diaz of “Our […]

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