Revisited: Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

A little more than a year after our very first Manila Bay Dinner Cruise, my husband and I were informed by Ms. Aileen Ng of Pirmi Travel Services that this wonderful attraction of theirs has been improved – additional delightful upgrades (such as uniformed butlers, tables with your names on it, wine, etc.) have been included in the romantic dinner cruise.

And so… here we are AGAIN! With much eager anticipation we revisited the place and re-experienced this awesome cruise package.

What was already great back then has become way way better now. We got a little woozy during the cruise because the waves were a bit choppy due to the weather, but nevertheless we still had tons of romantic fun (whee!). A must try for everyone especially love birds. Thank you Pirmi Travel for this wonderful treat!

We actually documented this revisit on video for you guys to see. Watch below and enjoy!

Newly renovated Sun Cruises Docking Area.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Before boarding for our 6:15pm dinner cruise.
Manila Bay Dinner CruiseManila Bay Dinner Cruise
This yacht will take us around Manila Bay!
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Our table that was beautifully set-up!
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Manila Bay at 6:30pm.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Before our dinners were served, we were given wet towels.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
3 glasses for: Iced Tea, Wine and Water.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Egg Drop Soup.

Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

They didn’t tell us the name of the dish they served us. But it seemed something like Beef Stroganoff with Potatoes and Fried Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce. The beef was fork tender while the fish fillet wasn’t flaky. Based on our 1st dinner cruise with Sun Cruises, the food was much better. It was well seasoned, well cooked and well presented. Pardon the blurry picture. We were cruising when I took this.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
Coffee Jelly for dessert.
I’m a coffee lover so I really enjoyed this! It’s like pouring your Starbucks Coffee Jelly drink onto a bowl and eating it with a spoon!
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
The sinful “I LOVE YOU” chocolate cake!
Manila Bay Dinner CruiseAcoustic Duo…
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
…And my husband’s impromptu song number.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise
View of Sofitel Hotel while crossing Manila Bay.
Manila Bay Dinner Cruise


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  1. nice video! and the cruise really just got better. i will definitely recommend this to friends who are in Manila. thanks for sharing!

  2. good day! i just want to know the details of this special dinner. and if its not a hassle for you, i also want to know the details of the dinner date you prepared for your 10th anniversary. thank you so much!

  3. Hello! i really love your blog.! I just want to know how much it cost you for this wonderful dinner and also a little surprise. my husband and i will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this coming november 8, 2012 and i want it to be memorable and so so special. kindly email me the details please? thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting and liking my blog! I will be sending your inquiry to the travel agency. Please expect an e-mail from them. Regards. 🙂

  4. Hello ma’am! May I ask how much this package and the first one costs? Thank you in advance 🙂

  5. Hi! I am interested on this very nice adventure 🙂 Can you please send me the package details? Thanks!

  6. can you send me the details on how to reserve with the add-ons of cake, wine and personal butler, please include the price as well thanks.. ^_^

  7. Hi, I would like to ask for the package details..thank you..

  8. Very nice blog!!i am lucky i read it!!
    we were celebrating our 10th year anniversary this coming December..i also want to surprise my girlfriend like you did..
    can u please send me the complete details how to avail this package?and the complete expenses please..

  9. Hi, your blog is really helpful, thanks! I’d also like to surprise my hubby on our anniv.. Kindly send the details including the contact details of the travel agency and their rates.. Thanks again! 🙂

  10. Can you send to me the details of the rates as well as how to contact to the travel agency..i like to surprise my baby on our anniversary..thankyou..:)

  11. wow! hi i’m also interested for this package can you please send me the details

  12. Hi,

    Please send details of the travel agency po, I want to experience po

    [email protected]

  13. Hello,

    This is a great idea for valentines! Can I also have the full details of the package and who i need to contact?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  14. Very nice and informative blog about Sun cruises! Thanks for posting!

  15. How much did you spend po for that dinner? Thanks 🙂

  16. Pasend nadin po yun full details sa account ko and expenses. pleasee! 🙂 thankss.

  17. […] so… here we are AGAIN! With much eager anticipation we revisited the place and re-experienced this awesome cruise […]

  18. Cyragne Pearl Ordeniza says: Reply

    can i know how much have you spend with this cruise? 🙂 thank you.

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