PLDT All-Star Basketball Challenge

This post has no connection whatsoever with food or travel. I am just a fan and I just couldn’t let this event pass!

Those who know me from way back then would agree when I say that I’ve always been an avid Chicago Bulls fan. Back when the Bulls had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoc and Steve Kerr. I would sometimes skip school during college just to watch live coverages of their games on television! Ha!

So, when I saw the advertisement for the PLDT All-Star Basketball Challenge, I immediately asked my husband if we could go! I knew he’d say yes since he is a solid Bulls fan as well!

Apart from really wanting to watch the game on July 18, it was an awesomely pleasant coincidence that we also received an invite from Ferds Bondoy of Tatak Digitista to attend the All-Star event’s press conference. Yipee! The invitation specified that we would only be allowed to step on the basketball court floor if we came to the presscon wearing rubber soled shoes. Anyone close to me knows that I dread wearing rubber shoes or sneakers and would only put on a pair on a life and death situation! You may find this a bit unusual but I only own 2 sets of sneakers. One of which isn’t even mine at all! A pair of white Chuck Taylors that used to belong to my son which he has now outgrown. On any given day, whatever the occasion, I would always choose heels over flats or sneakers! But for the love of Pippen and Rodman, I donned the Chucks! My husband is on my feet… get it? (My husband’s name is “Chuck”… okay, corny joke!)


The Press Conference was scheduled at 4pm. We arrived at the Mall of Asia Arena at 2:45pm. Excited? Nah! Just didn’t want to be stuck in traffic!


Here are the list of players who will be playing for the PLDT All-Star Basketball Challenge.


DJ Vince Golangco of Mellow 94.7 hosting the event.


The PBA Legends: My ultimate crush Jojo Lastimosa, Bong Hawkins and Jerry Codiñera.


Arrival of the NBA players.


The players posing for the press. Notice Dennis Rodman smiling? That was when I shouted “Hey Rodman, here!” while waving at him! I died!!!


Q&A time.


After the Q&A portion, Mitch Richmond also smiled for my cam! Too bad, I didn’t get to have Scottie Pippen smile at me. But, I was this close that I could touch his nose!


Photo-op on the court.


Moments with the PBA players: Vince “The Prince” Hizon with his cute son.


The “Defense Minister” himself, Jerry Codiñera.


SPOTTED: Chino Trinidad



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