Masatami Shave Ice


While going around Robinson’s Galleria, we noticed a new stall infront of the supermarket named “Masatami”. A small establishment offering flavored shaved ice.

Given that my family and I enjoy trying out new food (snacks included), we decided to give Masatami a go.

My kids and I ordered the Rainbow Shave Ice with Snow Cap. It combines 3 flavors: bubble gum, banana and strawberry at Php55.00. An additional cost of Php10.00 will be charged if you prefer it topped with condensed milk (super yummy). It is served in a cute flower shaped cup which my kids were really amused with. Sweet, refreshing, colorful and cuuuute!

My husband got a small blueberry and strawberry flavored Sugar-Free Shave Ice at Php35.00 with an additional order of pearls at Php8.00.


This is a sosyal version of our local Snow Cone.

Facebook: Masatami Shave Ice


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  1. very refreshing! makes me crave for something cold especially because it’s so hot outside! i hope they have stalls in other malls 🙂

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