D’ Amburger

I’ve been craving for beef dishes and hamburgers for the past few days and I blame it all to my hormones (my monthly period)! So, last Monday night, even though it was way past dinner time already, I convinced my family to dine out so I can give in to my beef craving!

We ended up in a fairly new establishment called, D’ Amburger – a restaurant located inside Greenhills Towncenter which is just a few minutes away from where we live. The complex has also recently expanded their parking space since our visit last March (which is a plus).

D’ Amburger serves juicy burgers and real mashed potatoes! I can actually tell, by looking and tasting, if the mashed potatoes came from a box or if it’s real honest to goodness mashed potatoes! D’ Amburger certainly did not disappoint.

We ordered Juicy Lucy Blue Cheese Burger (Php230.00).
Half pound, stuffed cheese patty with onions, lettuce and bleu cheese dressing.

Juicy Lucy Burger (Php200.00).
Half pound, stuffed cheese patty with onions, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.

Their burgers are mildly seasoned with salt and pepper. So, if you want a saltier taste, just request for salt (of course!). Amusingly, salt was served in this cute little saucer.

True to it’s name, “Juicy Lucy” burgers are really juicy! Their half pound burgers have chewy soft cheese oozing out from inside their patties. Ask for additional tissue papers to wipe off those drippings, though.

We also tried their Beef Stew (Php270.00) with a side dish of creamy mashed potato instead of rice.
Braised beef brisket with carrots and mushrooms topped with mashed potato.
Their Beef Stew was very tender and lightly seasoned. My new comfort food! Talk about carbo loading!

Not realizing that we got enough potato dishes already, we decided to order their Baked Potato (Php130.00). The dish is good for 1 person and is deliciously topped with real crunchy bacon bits and a dollop of creamy mashed potato. Delicious!

D’ Amburger is the home of the original MSG-free and extender-free “Juicy Lucy” stuffed cheese burgers!

Contact Details:

Greehills TownCenter, Granada St., Quezon City
T: 654 1395
C: 0927-7900453
Facebook Page: D’ Amburger


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